Our research

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As part of Envisioning our digITal future, we researched extensively to have an insight into what others are doing as a way of kickstarting the co-design process. The research included:

  • Digital and ICT-related strategies in governments across Australia and internationally
  • Strategies and principles from commercial and not-for-profit businesses including TED talks

This research helped inform what 'themes' we could cover as part of Envisioning our digITal future. This was a point in time exercise and updates will be done on an as-needs basis. As you explore each 'theme', you will find a section that shows what other jurisdictions are doing for that theme.  This page gives you a handy way to explore this research.

Both colour coding and numbers to label each organisation or document so you can easily link a particular principle with its source document.



All principles (PDF) (337.95 KB) Buckets for Principles Word Version (DOCX) (22.71 KB)


Australian Jurisdictions




           ACT                   NSW ICT               NSW Digital          South Australia           Victoria                                                           


International Jurisdictions




        Canada                     China                   Estonia                Hong Kong    Ireland eGovernment




      Ireland ICT                Japan                 Malaysia           NZ ICT 2014-2017      NZ ICT 2015




        Scotland               Singapore                    UK                         USA






       Accenture            Amazon                      Google                  Microsoft          McKinsey and Co




   Seven principles        Steve Jobs                    Ted