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envisioning our digital futre

Welcome to the next stage of the journey of Envisioning our digITal Future. Through the Queensland Government survey and the co-design workshop with industry, academia and government, we have gathered your thoughts about what our digital future could look like and synthesised this valuable information into themes. We now need your input.

We invite you to explore our digital themes and tell us what you think.

You can provide feedback on

  • how these themes could fit together
  • each individual theme: Collaboration, Culture, Customer and services, Data and information management, Design, Digital government, Governance and transparency, ICT systems and technology infrastructure, Industry, competition and procurement, Information sharing, Innovation, Open data, Productivity, delivery and agility, Security and privacy, Skills, capability and leadership.

Consultation has now closed.  Any queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each theme begins with a scoping statement that provides a draft definition of the theme, followed by a summary of what survey respondents and co-design participants said about the theme. It will also show the results of our research, and put forward a proposed vision and a number of principles. To stimulate your thinking and generate discussion, we have posed a few questions at the end of each theme.

Don’t have time to look at all the themes? Don’t worry, just pick one or two themes that interest you and have a say. Every bit helps us work together to envision a digital future for Queensland.

Our Digital Future Team | 11/05/2016 | 01:45 PM

Dwight Walker. Thanks for your enthusiastic response, it's very much appreciated. Please note we have moved your post to the 'industry, competition and procurement theme' to ensure the bulk of your thoughts are considered as part of that theme. As you also touch on many other themes, we will make note of this to ensure your comments are considered.

qgcioweb.admin | 11/05/2016 | 01:33 PM

Comment from Dwight Walker (10/5/2016) moved to Industry, competition and procurement page. Thank you

John Cleary | 14/04/2016 | 07:12 AM

Real question about who is the customer of government. Seems the taxpayer/community has been displaced by the political party in power with Ministerial Advisors as their foot soldiers. Another interesting perspective: Value Confusion: The Problem of Lean in Public Services http://www.leancompetency.org/lcs-articles/value-confusion-problem-lean-public-services/

Our Digital Future Team | 12/04/2016 | 09:18 AM

@Mark Paddenburg Thanks for your feedback. You make a good point about the word "entrepreneur". If you think it would be particularly useful to include in the vision or principles of a particular theme, please comment accordingly on those pages.

mark paddenburg | 08/04/2016 | 05:36 PM

well done love it. only comment is perhaps the digital theme is missing the word "entrepreneur"

- with out them we'll be consuming a digital future instead of contributing to it. Obviously entrepreneurial activity is part of embedded in many of the themes such as collaboration, innovation, productivity...

Our Digital Future Team | 01/04/2016 | 09:04 AM

@Craig Barron - Thanks for your input. Your question appears to me more about current IM practices, as such I’ll contact you with some information about current QGCIO IM policies and processes soon. In the meantime you raise some interesting points around data quality etc. You may wish to explore the related ‘open data’ https://www.qgcio.qld.gov.au/initiatives/envisioning-our-digital-future/tell-us-what-you-think/open-data, 'information sharing' https://www.qgcio.qld.gov.au/initiatives/envisioning-our-digital-future/tell-us-what-you-think/information-sharing and/or 'data and information management' https://www.qgcio.qld.gov.au/initiatives/envisioning-our-digital-future/tell-us-what-you-think/data-and-information-management themes, with a view to provide a vision on how these areas would operate in a perfect 'digital' world.

Craig Barron | 31/03/2016 | 04:00 PM

I am aware substantial amounts of data are published to the public as a result of the Queensland Government’s Open Data initiative (which is a great concept for many reasons).
I understand or know:
• Data was (and is) sourced, cleaned to the extent possible, then published
• There was (and is) little or no data governance or information management
My background is in data governance in the financial industry and internal and external auditors played roles in a risk management framework with multiple (three) lines of defence. Organisations were (and are) required to “Prove the operational effectiveness” of their data governance or information management.
This requires providing artefacts to the auditors
What role does the QGCIO play in ensuring the data used and published by State Government organisations is of sufficient quality and privacy and security are sufficient etc.?
What visibility does the QGCIO have of data governance/information management? How is it monitored, measured, reported and audited (it is possible)?
Kind regards, Craig.