Meet our graduates

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The Queensland Government IT Graduate Program offers participants the start of an exciting and rewarding IT career.


Bianca, 2016 Graduate

“The IT Graduate program has provided me with an incredibly nurturing and supportive environment for my entry into the workforce. The amount of effort that is involved in making the program inclusive, cohesive and entertaining has helped me feel comfortable, encouraged and successful in my new role. The ongoing training and support throughout the duration of the program really showcases the diversity of the program, and truly aims to support the personal growth and advancement of a graduate from any discipline. I feel prepared and excited for the endless opportunities that will arise from my participation in this program.”




Andrew, 2016 Graduate

“I consider myself very fortunate to have been accepted into the IT Graduate Program. Through the program I have gained access to some great professional development opportunities and a position in the Information and Technologies Branch (ITB) of the Department of Education and Training. Whilst in ITB I have been involved in constructing vendor agreements, putting together governance compliance packages, project managing the delivery of web based solutions, and using metrics and analytics to gain a better understanding of cost-benefit relationships in ICT educational environment.  The IT Graduate Program is a great way of getting to know government and the IT sector.” 

Rory, 2016 Graduate

“The QGCIO, ICT Graduate program has allowed me to hit the ground running in my Project Management career. The comprehensive training and support offered to the graduates has enabled me to work directly with subject matter experts in the Health Department with a confidence in my abilities that I thought would take years to achieve.  The QGCIO ICT Graduate programs’ strong relationships throughout wider Government agencies also supports and encourages graduate development via the rotation process, allowing graduates the freedom to pursue their professional development goals as they evolve”. 






Agnieszka, 2015 Graduate

“I joined the ICT Graduate program in 2015 in WMSO (Workforce Management Solutions and Operations), as a member of Architecture and Design team.  The graduate program provided me an opportunity to work in an ever changing, complex and challenging environment of IT solutions. I get to work with and learn from experts, and being able to contribute on enterprise level, form unique opportunities in advancing my skills and career transition”.



Benny, 2016 Graduate

“This program is a valuable opportunity for any IT graduates. The program is organised by a professional graduate team, so we can always get the support we need. The work environment is also very friendly; colleagues are willing to share their experience which graduates can learn a lot from. Graduates also have rotation opportunities so they can extend their networks and get different, valuable experience in the program”.


Caleb, 2015 Graduate

“Queensland Health has promoted a holistic understanding of the processes and functions involved in large scale payroll activities.  Operating within a multi-disciplinary client focussed team, between the functional business and technical environments has provided me with invaluable development opportunities.  The leadership inspires team commitment, which results in a supportive and collaborative workplace, committed to delivering effective solutions.”