Meet our graduates

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The Queensland Government IT Graduate Program offers participants the start of an exciting and rewarding IT career.


Meriem, 2017 Graduate

I joined Queensland Treasury three months ago as a new graduate. I work as a Project Support Officer which is both exciting and challenging. I’ve been exposed to many different projects and I have been very busy getting to know the different aspects of the business, understanding the culture and government language. In the end it's all about the great people. The graduate program is an incredible opportunity to start a career within Queensland Government.

Niranjan, 2017 Health Payroll Graduate

Being on the QGCIO IT Graduate program is an amazing opportunity. It helps a lot of fresh graduates into new and professional careers. It provides a high level of progressive training and development to improve skills within the workplace. 

I started my I T career with the Queensland Government in February this year, and working for the government has been my dream, due to the professional development prospects available. I also feel blessed to be working in a great team, where I have received training and space to learn, in a strongly supportive environment. My team members are all very encouraging and friendly. I am very excited to be part of this team and look forward to my career path in upcoming years.

Andy, 2017 Graduate

Being a part of the graduate program and working for DSITI has been a fantastic experience so far. Moving interstate for the position was a daunting prospect, but the support from my colleagues as well the training and support from the graduate program has been invaluable in helping me settle in. 
In my role as a remote sensing scientist, I have had the opportunity to be part of the Queensland Land Use Mapping Program (QLUMP). This has involved updating the digital land use map for the Burdekin region using satellite and airborne imagery. It has been a rewarding experience so far, and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.


Lee, 2017 Graduate

Since joining the Department of Housing and Public Works through the QGCIO IT Graduate Program I have been challenged with engaging and rewarding projects (such as procuring a replacement cloud contact centre system) that deliver valuable outcomes to the department and community. I have had exposure to senior business leaders (such as our Chief Information Officer) which has provided me the opportunity to interact and learn from them. 
I studied Business and Law at university and did not come from an IT background, but I have received tremendous support from my supervisor and mentor to help me grow and succeed. I feel as though my career has been kick started and I would definitely recommend that future graduates apply for the QGCIO IT Graduate program.


Ryan, 2017 Graduate

My first month of being a graduate in the Queensland government has been a great experience. Working within CITEC Information Brokerage has been incredibly interesting, experiencing elements of both the public and private sector offers a unique insight into both sectors that is fascinating.  
At first, joining as a graduate was quite a daunting experience. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the work that was required of me. However, due to the great atmosphere and friendly and helpful people that I work alongside, my worries were eliminated. I've had the opportunity to work on several different systems and projects, and it's been an invaluable learning experience and it's been extremely rewarding seeing what I've done become crucial parts of the product that CITEC IB delivers. Overall it’s been an awesome experience and I look forward to the future of my graduate program.

Aaron 2017 Graduate

My first week of starting as a graduate in the Queensland Government was amazing! 
I was given the opportunity to meet my team and others who I would be working with in the future. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming which made it a smooth transition to settle in and get started. I was taken through an induction and promptly put on training on the first day. I found this very informative as it had given me a greater insight into my role and the department.


Eliza, 2017 Graduate

Information and Technology Partners (ITP) services a wide range of Government Departments. My first week as an ITP graduate was very busy completing inductions, introductions and getting to know the business. I am starting to get into a routine as a Project Support Officer and take on new tasks which is both exciting and challenging. 
My team members have been extremely welcoming and supportive.


Eloise, 2017 Graduate

I’ve receive much valuable support from people around the office in my graduates. From the very first week I’ve been learning about how the government works, participating in project ‘stand-ups’ and meetings. I look forward to completing more training like Prince2 in the near future.
During the first week, three fellow graduates and I, were given a project of our own to run involving the migration of files to SharePoint and archiving of hard copies. I’ve now already written a project plan which will be submitted to the program director for approval.
We also got to have fun helping film a video on the current mobility trial in Contemporary Workspace Project. This had us interviewing the program director of CWP and chasing other office workers into being our actors!