Queensland Government ICT strategy

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    This publication was published under the former Government during 2012-2015

The Queensland Government has developed a strategy that will guide the future use of ICT within the Queensland Government. This strategy is currently being refreshed as part of Envisioning our digITal future.


The Queensland Government ICT strategy (PDF) (841.19 KB) outlines major reforms to the way ICT is delivered and managed which will mean improved and more cost-effective services for Queenslanders.

The strategy was developed in consultation with the ICT industry and public and delivers new responsibility and accountability initiatives.

The new management framework clarifies the accountability of agencies and provides them with clear authority to deliver on this strategy. The Minister however retains responsibility for delivering on whole-of-government initiatives and for ensuring that ICT risk is well managed across the sector. 

To ensure the Queensland Government has access to cost-effective, modern and well-maintained technology, the Queensland Government will move away from owning technology assets to an ICT-as-a service model.

We will be a government that uses ICT to better share information between agencies and the community while maintaining appropriate information security and privacy of individuals.

With a strong emphasis on improving government service delivery, the Queensland Government ICT strategy has 12 focus areas of reform:

  • improving customer experience of government services
  • digital economy
  • information management
  • open data
  • information security and privacy of individuals
  • digital archiving
  • contestability and ICT strategic sourcing
  • ICT as a service
  • ICT innovation
  • significant and at-risk ICT asset stabilisation
  • a capable and competent workforce
  • portfolio, program and project management competency.

The ICT Modernisation Plan details the initiatives that the ICT Modernisation Program (within DSITI) will deliver to achieve the ICT strategy.

We have updated the ICT strategy to include a cloud computing addendum and implementation model to make Queensland Government a cloud-first enterprise.

We're working on a new strategic digital vision for Queensland and your contribution is essential to its successful creation and implementation.