Business process classification framework


Organisations seek to understand their business processes in a consistent way, and a business process classification framework can provide standard definitions and terminology to ensure that everyone in your business is speaking the same 'business process' language.

APQCs process classification framework

The APQC process classification framework (PCF) has been adopted by the QGEA. The AQPC PCF is a generic cross-industry business process taxonomy which is freely available from APQC’s website. You can subscribe to APQC to access the latest version and a number of industry-specific PCFs.

Like other classification frameworks in the QGEA, a classification framework also enables you to analyse your business processes for gaps/duplications, and allow you to conduct mappings to see how your business processes support your business strategy. For further information see the ICT investment 'business' planning techniques.

Past version of QGEA process classification frameworks

Previously the QGEA published its own business process classification framework adapted from version 2 of APQCs framework. When the decision to adopt the AQPC process classification framework was made a mapping (PDF, 2714.04 KB) of the QGEA business process classification framework was made to the then AQPC version 6 to assist with adoption.

For your reference the past versions of the following are available:

See other QGEA classification frameworks

Last Reviewed: 25 June 2020