Customer details management policy


Final | November 2015 | v1.0.2 | OFFICIAL - Public | QGCDG


This Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) policy mandates the use of a standard approach when exchanging customer details between agencies. Without requiring the capture or storage of specific data attributes, this policy sets a benchmark for agencies wishing to exchange the customer data they currently manage.

Policy statement

The Queensland Government will ensure the interoperability of systems containing customer details so the exchange between agencies is consistent and reliable, enabling efficient service delivery.

Policy benefits

This policy will assist government to improve service delivery through:

  • providing a reference point for the consistent exchange of data between agencies
  • handling customers’ information in accordance with privacy and security regulations
  • central customer interaction management and tracking, including information sharing with non-government service partners
  • leveraging known ‘sources of truth’ for existing customer information held in government departments
  • tracking of all customer interactions via multi-channel service delivery methods, regardless of the provider of the service
  • facilitating a “no wrong door” approach, with customers not needing to know exact agency contact details and providing a seamless experience
  • facilitating delivery of new or improved capabilities to support integrated customer services.


This policy applies to all Queensland Government departments (as defined by the Public Service Act 2008). Accountable officers (not already in scope of the Public Service Act 2008) and statutory bodies under the Financial and Performance Management Standard 2019 must have regard to this policy in the context of internal controls, financial information management systems and risk management. Please see the Applicability of the QGEA for further information.

This policy also applies to Queensland Government ICT service providers.

Policy requirements

Policy requirement 1: Agencies must ensure that exchange of customer details between agencies occurs in a standarised way

Agencies must adopt the Queensland Government chosen Customer Data Model (Australian Standard Interchange of Client Information - AS4590:2006) as the basis for interfaces exchanging customer information.

Agencies exchanging customer data will use attributes from AS4590 when defining the interfaces between their systems.


Customer definition: For the purposes of this policy, a customer is defined as ‘a person or any business entity, who is the end recipient of goods, services, products, information, advice or ideas’.

Implementation advice for this policy or the definition of other attributes for exchange will be provided through the Customer Details Management Group (

Issue and review

Version: v1.0.1
Issue date: 26 November 2015
Next review date: November 2017

This QGEA policy is published within the QGEA which is administered by the Queensland Government Chief Information Office. It was developed by the Customer Details Management Group, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation and approved by the Queensland Government Chief Information Officer.


This policy comes into effect from the issue date.

Implementation targets

This policy has interim target dates to monitor progressive achievement of this policy.

1Development of interfaces and implementation of the policy will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis between agencies exchanging information. Implementation guidance material may be shared through the Customer Details Management Group and published alongside this policyas required

Last Reviewed: 26 November 2015