ICT cabling infrastructure technical standard


This standard details specific requirements intended to specify the technical requirements for Queensland Government ICT cabling infrastructure.

Please contact any of the following people for advice on interpretation and implementation of the QGEA ICT cabling standard:
Baz Hughes (RCDD)
Phone: 0417 611 019
Email: barry.r.hughes@transport.qld.gov.au
John Wall (RCDD)
Phone: 0438 169 388
Email: john.wall@health.qld.gov.au
For enquiries regarding the requirement to use RPEQ Engineers please contact:
Board of Professional Engineers
Phone: 07 3198 0000
Email: admin@bpeg.qld.gov.au

ICT cabling infrastructure technical standard (PDF, 481.52 KB)

Document typeStandard
VersionFinal v4.0.1
Approved date18 December 2017
Last updatedDecember 2019
Security classificationOFFICIAL - Public

Last Reviewed: 06 February 2018