ICT SME participation scheme policy



This policy ensures that departments adopt a consistent procurement process to ensure effective engagement with the ICT industry and specifically with small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Policy statement

The Queensland Government provides a transparent and accountable procurement process to ensure that SMEs gain greater access to the Queensland Government market.

Policy benefits

SMEs contribute significantly to the Queensland economy, and the Queensland Government is committed the assisting SMEs to access and win government business for the supply of goods and services. This policy will enable:

  • SMEs to gain greater access to the Queensland Government market
  • market competition to foster amongst suppliers of all sizes
  • the consideration of value for money benefits of engaging SMEs
  • a transparent and objective procurement process
  • an auditable and accountable procurement process
  • a process which is easily incorporated into departmental-level ICT tenders and contracts.


This policy applies to all Queensland Government departments.

Policy requirements

Policy requirement 1: A consistent, transparent and accountable approach for ICT procurement must be adopted

All departments must adhere to the ICT SME participation scheme standard to ensure a consistent, transparent and accountable approach for ICT procurement.

Issue and review

Issue date:           29 January 2014
Next review date:  January 2016

This policy is approved for application by the Queensland Government who endorsed the Queensland Government ICT strategy 2013-17 on 1 July 2013.

Action 2.04 of the strategy’s implementation plan (The ‘Action Plan’) specifically relates to the delivery of the SME ICT policy to enable ICT renewal and achieve the outcomes of the Queensland Government ICT strategy. This policy and associated guideline are the supporting enablers.

This QGEA policy is published within the QGEA and is administered by the Queensland Government Chief Information Office. It was developed by the ICT Strategic Sourcing Unit within the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation.


This policy comes into effect from the issue date.

Reporting requirements

This policy has specific reporting requirements. Departments must submit, to ICTStrategicSourcing@dsiti.qld.gov.au:

Reporting requirementDue date

Departments must report awards made to SMEs in the ICT industry providing innovative solutions up to the value of $500,000 (inclusive of GST). In order to assess the benefits of this change to the SME Scheme the following information is required:

  • Date of award
  • Total value of award
  • Vendor name
  • SME status
  • Overview of the innovative solution
  • Key business benefit of the delivered solution
  • Total time taken to complete procurement activity.
Quarterly - March, June, September, December

Last Reviewed: 29 January 2014