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The Metadata (IS34) information standard is currently undergoing repeal.  Please refer to the Metadata management principles for the most up to date document.


This standard provides the minimum requirements for the management of metadata for Government information and information assets. This standard draws on Queensland Government, Australian and international standards and practices for detailed implementation requirements.


The Queensland Government recognises the importance of metadata in improving the management, visibility, accessibility and interoperability of its information and services.

To facilitate seamless access, navigation and interoperability of government information assets and service delivery. Queensland Government agencies must apply consistent description and classification of information through the implementation of metadata.


This information standard relates to all domains within the information layer of the Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA). This information standard also relates to the metadata domain of the Queensland Government Information Management Policy Framework.

This policy applies to all departments.

Issue and review

This QGEA information standard is published within the QGEA which is administered by the Queensland Government Chief Information Office. It was developed by the Queensland Government Chief Information Office and approved by the Director-General, Department of Public Works on 2 November 2010.

This QGEA information standard will be reviewed on a two yearly basis. The next review date is November 2012.

Version: v3.0.0

Implementation advice

Guidance about the definition, terminology and uses of metadata, as well as key standard metadata schemas in use in the Queensland Government, can be found in the QGEA Metadata Management Guideline.

Guidance about extending the elements for metadata schemes is found within each metadata scheme.

Mandatory principles

Principle 1 : Agencies must use standard metadata schemes

To facilitate seamless management of, access to, and interoperability of, government information assets and services, agencies must ensure consistent description and classification of information through the implementation of metadata schemes. At a minimum, agencies must:

  • adopt metadata schemes for information assets (including datasets, records and web based information and web services) which are interoperable with the Australian Standard 5044 AGLS Metadata Element Set
  • ensure that where an extension of elements for metadata schemes is required to meet client or business needs, that this extension is implemented according to the metadata extension methodology defined in the standard being used.

Principle 2 : Agencies must manage their metadata records

Agencies must establish effective planning and management practices to ensure the implementation and review of agency metadata remains consistent with agency, client and whole-of-Government requirements. At a minimum, agencies must:

  • implement management, quality assurance and control processes to ensure the capture, reusability, integrity and consistency of metadata
  • have documented processes and procedures in place to ensure the capture, quality, accessibility, accuracy and currency of metadata.

Principle 3 : Participation in whole-of-Government metadata consolidation initiatives

To facilitate access, searching, navigation, management and use of information and services at a whole-of-Government level, agency metadata must be consistently implemented to enable future cross agency harvesting and indexing.

At a minimum agency metadata records describing information and service assets, must be lodged with or made available for harvesting and indexing in appropriate whole-of-Government information registers.

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