Software asset management position

This position relates to, and should be read in conjunction with, the Software asset management QGEA Policy and Software asset management Guideline.

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Compliance date


All Queensland Government agencies will ensure ownership of future and renegotiated software licences are under the name of the State of Queensland, acting through the State Government Entity.

December 2009


Agencies will:

  • implement software asset registers and processes to record and manage the use of all software licences within the agency
  • deploy auditing and metering tools to identify software usage
  • develop licence pools to ensure optimum use of software licences.

December 2010


Agency software licensing processes and records will be audited at least once annually. Internal Audit branches are to be offered the opportunity to complete a formal audit; where this has not occurred by 31 March of each year, a self audit is to be performed.

Audits are to include the following minimum compliance checks:

  • 100% of policy requirements defined in the QGEA Software Licence Management policy will be in existence and available to all staff
  • compliance with licence terms and conditions in relation to all vendors will be greater than 95% at all times
  • 90% of software licences owned but not being used will be available for re-use via a software licence pool. Named user licences are excluded.

Audit due annually from December 2010

These targets apply to all agencies in the scope of the related QGEA policy. If an agency believes that a target is not applicable to their context or delivery constraints mean that the deadline for the target cannot be met they may apply for an exception to the target.

Reporting requirements

Agencies, as a minimum, must:

  • notify the Queensland Government Chief Information Office (QGCIO) of all notices of external audit received by the agency within 14 days of the receipt of the notice. Results of all internal audits will be notified with 28 days of receipt by the agency.
  • notify the QGCIO of the intention to enter into agreements for the supply of software or the supply of software asset management services where the total value of the agreement exceeds $250,000 prior to the endorsement of the agreement
  • report to the QGCIO, at least annually, on the status of compliance as outlined in Reference #3 above.

Issue and review

This QGEA position paper is published within the QGEA and is administered by the QGCIO. It was developed by the Software Asset Management Program within the QGCIO and approved by the Queensland Government Chief Information Officer on 16 March 2010.

This QGEA position paper will be reviewed on an annual basis. The next review date is March 2011.

Last Reviewed: 16 March 2010