DIGITAL1ST: Advancing our digital future

DIGITAL1ST: Advancing our digital future is the Queensland Government’s strategic direction to position Queensland as a leader in digital government now and in the future.

Read more on the strategy vision, priorities, principles, and stories about how we changing our mindset and thinking DIGITAL1ST in everything we do.

Leading Queensland Government

We have a range of supporting documents, including strategies and policies, which complement the overarching DIGITAL1ST: Advancing our Digital Future strategic direction.

Digital in action

Queensland Government agencies have already developed strategic statements and initiatives to embrace digital innovation and technologies to enable great service delivery.

Learn more about what we are doing by exploring the DIGITAL1ST case studies.

Click on any of the images below to explore these digital strategies.

Does your agency have a digital strategy, program or project and want to align with the digital priorities and principles? Have a look at our DIGITAL1ST factsheet to see where to start!

Last Reviewed: 31 May 2021