Information Access and Use Management

"Information access and use management includes the establishment and management of access permissions, controls and acceptable use conditions, appropriate to the information asset(s)."

Adapted from the Information Sharing Authorising Framework (ISAF 2018)

What are the relevant roles and SFIA skill(s)?

Example role(s)

Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) skill(s)

  • Asset Management (ASMG)
  • Information Assurance (INAS)
  • Information Content Publishing (ICPM)
  • Information Security (SCTY)

You can search for these four letter skill codes on the SFIA website for more information

How to develop this skill set?

The focus for this skill is on sharing, licensing and use of information so information is easy to find and able to be exploited as widely as possible.

Lynda - CISSP Certification Preparation 'Identity and Access Management' [Specialist roles]

Strengthen your skills and knowledge in Identity and Access Management in the context of information assets through the online Lynda course for CISSP Certification Preparation 'Identity and Access Management'. The course has a strong emphasis on the importance and different approaches to user identification and authorisation. This course can also serve as preparation for a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

Information Sharing Authorising Framework (ISAF) [ALL]

To explore and build upon your knowledge around the necessary considerations for authorising access to an information asset, please review the Information Sharing Authorising Framework (ISAF) as developed by the Queensland Government Chief Information Officer (QGCIO, 2018).

Additional resources

  • Lexonis is a cloud-based software that allows users to build SFIA skills and capabilities through an optimised approach.
  • ValidateSkills with SFIA allows you to utilise self-assessments against the SFIA skills and on-request training as well as a variety of other services.
  • SkillsTX provide innovative resources to support skills management for an ICT workforce in alignment with SFIA.
  • Seera is a cloud-based solution for HR management that allows you to build capability in your workforce utilising the SFIA skills framework.

Last Reviewed: 11 June 2021