Information Asset Management

"Information management is the means by which an organisation plans, collects, organises, governs, secures, uses, controls, disseminates, exchanges, maintains and disposes of its information; as well as any means through which the organisation ensures that the value of that information is identified and exploited to its fullest extent."

QGEA Glossary

What are the relevant roles and SFIA skill(s)?

Example role(s)

Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) skill(s)

  • Asset Management (ASMG)
  • Configuration Management (CFMG)
  • Business Risk Management (BURM)
  • Information Assurance (INAS)

You can search for these four letter skill codes on the SFIA website for more information

How do I develop this skill set?

The focus for this skill is on full life-cycle management of information as an asset and classifying it so it can be found and used.

LinkedIn Learning - CISA Certification Preparation 'Information Governance and Management' [ALL]

Prepare yourself for a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Certification or simply strengthen your skills in Information Asset Management via the Information Governance and Management online course on LinkedIn Learning.

AIIM - Developing an Intelligent Information Management Strategy [Leadership and Specialist roles]

For those looking to develop an intelligent strategy for their management of information assets in the coming year, the following online free webinars hosted by Bob Larrivee and John Mancini outlines the trends, data and strategies behind a successful IM roadmap.

  1. 'How to Plan Your Intelligent Information Management Strategy in 2018' (Bob Larrivee)
  2. 'From ECM to Intelligent Information Management: Optimizing Your Digital Transformation Journey' (John Mancini)

AIIM - Implementing Information Management on SharePoint and Office 365 [Specialist and Entire Workforce roles]

If you are interested in strengthening your information management skills with regard to assets created and/or stored in SharePoint and Office 365, AIIM has developed an online paid course on the topic.

Additional resources

  • Lexonis is a cloud-based software that allows users to build SFIA skills capabilities through an optimised approach.
  • ValidateSkills with SFIA allows you to utilise self-assessments against the SFIA skills and on-request training as well as a variety of other services.
  • SkillsTX provide innovative resources to support skills management for an ICT workforce in alignment with SFIA.
  • Seera is a cloud-based solution for HR management that allows you to build capability in your workforce utilising the SFIA skills framework.

Last Reviewed: 29 June 2022