How do I find information?

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The Queensland Government collects a broad spectrum of data and information which it manages on behalf of the Queensland community. How you find this data will be dependent on numerous characteristics such as confidentiality, privacy and security. Unless there is a good reason not to, Government information should be proactively released to demonstrate our commitment to openness, transparency and accountability.

What information is available for me to use?

If you are looking for government data or information to support your current project, initiative, research or policy development exercise, there are a number of sources you may want to investigate.

Find the Queensland Government Information Asset Register here (for Qld Gov employees only).

How can I find the information I need? 

The type of data and information you require and who owns it will determine what process you will need to follow to find the information you need. Some data will be freely available from the Open Data Portal, while other information may need to be requested though a formal access process.

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What about the privacy, security and confidentiality of shared information?

The privacy, security and confidentiality of government information requires careful consideration when sharing or publishing information. However, while privacy and security requirements must be met, they should not inhibit shared access to government information when it is permissible.

Who's sharing information and how?

Sharing about sharing is important! Successful use cases provide support to the growing body of evidence that sharing information can enhance productivity, improve service delivery and ultimately produces amazing outcomes for the people of Queensland. It also helps to ensure transparency, build trust and demonstrate policy compliance.

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Last Reviewed: 06 November 2019