How do I share information?

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The Queensland Government is a huge generator and consumer of data and information.  Yet regularly, decision makers across all levels do not have access to all the information they need when making crucial decisions – particularly if the information or data is located outside of their agency. The advice below will assist you in identifying what information you have, understanding the quality, integrity and confidentiality of the data and making a determination on what you can share and how.

How can I improve the discoverability of my data?

Your agency collects, stores and manages data for a variety of business purposes, however this same data may be useful, or even crucial to improving another agencies functions and services. Publishing your data and registers helps potential users identify what data is out there, which agency has the data they need and who they need to approach to request access.

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I have received a request to access my data - how do I get approval to share?

Requests to access your data or information can be initiated in many ways. If you have published your holdings on your website or through the QGCDG, you may receive requests directly. Other requests may be triggered by an incident, a new project or a research request. It is important that your agency has a good understanding of its data and information holdings, who the custodians are and a documented process in place to respond to requests.

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Can I share personal, sensitive or classified data and information? 

The content of the data requested will have an impact on your decision to release. If the requested data contains personal, sensitive or classified information, you will need to evaluate this as part of the decision making process. However, while privacy and security requirements must be met, they should not inhibit shared access to government information where it is permissible.

How do I define and monitor conditions of use when sharing my data and information?

When you share your data or information, it is up to your agency to define and monitor any constraints there may be on the use of the information you have shared. Permitted usage conditions help define what can be done with the shared data and provide a mechanism for monitoring the ongoing progress of the arrangement.

Who's sharing information and how?

Sharing about sharing is important! Successful use cases provide support to the growing body of evidence that sharing information can enhance productivity, improve service delivery and ultimately produces amazing outcomes for the people of Queensland. It also helps to ensure transparency, build trust and demonstrate policy compliance.

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Last Reviewed: 31 May 2018