Information Management Policy Domains

IM-1 Information Governance

This domain has a focus on overall policy, planning, architecture and direction for information and information management practices across Government.

IM-2 Knowledge Management

This domain focuses on an integrated approach to managing knowledge across Government. This includes building upon existing knowledge assets, deriving additional value from knowledge assets and making valuable linkages between knowledge assets.

IM-3 Information Asset Management

This domain concerns itself with full life-cycle management of information as an asset and classifying it so it can be found and used across Government.

IM-4 Information Access and Use Management

This domain has a focus on sharing, licensing and use of information so the access and usage controls of information assets are clear and widely understood in order to make all information assets easy to find and utilise as widely as possible.

IM-5 Records Management

This domain concerns itself with ensuring legislative and regulatory record keeping requirements are met, the business need of clear accountability requirements is fulfilled and to meet high community expectations on the proficient and appropriate management of public records.

IM-6 Data Management

This domain has a clear focus focus on the management and maintenance of Government data that underlies our information assets.

IS Information Security

This domain is concerned with the protection of Government information assets from unauthorised use, accidental modification, loss or release to the public.

Last Reviewed: 02 August 2018