Best practice methodologies

The QGCDG supports Queensland Government agencies to apply structured, effective and consistent approaches for the management of digital and ICT-enabled services. The application of consistent world leading methodologies facilitates the conditions that foster effective governance and increases the likelihood of the successful delivery of complex digital services by Queensland Government.

Our office currently endorses the AXELOS best practice methodologies:

  • ITIL
  • AgileSHIFT
  • Management of Risk
  • Management of Value
  • Management of Portfolios
  • Portfolio, Program and Project Offices
  • Managing successful programs (MSP)
  • PRINCE2 Agile.

Further information on these methodologies can be found here.

Knowledge base

The QGEA knowledge base (Queensland Government employees only) provides access to repealed QGEA policies (including information standards) and as a place for agencies to share knowledge.

Documents on this page have been provided by the originating agency for the use of others within Queensland Government, with the aim of providing expertise, encouraging reuse and generally represent significant bodies of work.

Portfolio, program and project management

Discover useful examples, templates and supporting information for portfolio, program and project management (available to Queensland Government employees).

Portfolio Management Community of Practice

The Portfolio Management Community of Practice is a group of people from across Queensland government, city councils, statutory authorities, community services and member owned organisations who come together to share their experience and learnings about portfolio, program and project management.

For ICT-enabled initiatives, read the mandated policies for:

In addition to gated assurance reviews, the QGCDG recommends regular health checks occur during the lifecycle of a program or project. A health check will assess how well an initiative is performing relative to its objectives. Learn more about health checks.

Detailed guidance on when and how to perform a health check can be found within:

  • Management of Portfolios, Appendix A, Portfolio management health check assessment
  • Managing Successful Programmes, Appendix D, Health checks
  • Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, Appendix E, Health check
  • PRINCE2 Agile, Appendix C, Health check agile version

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Frequently asked questions

What is Business as usual (BAU)?

BAU work is typically repeatable routine tasks. It can also include simple modifications or enhancements to existing services where the timescales are relatively short. Characteristics include:

  • ongoing
  • stable team
  • routine
  • a degree of certainty.

What is a project?

A project is temporary and is created to address a problem, opportunity or change. Importantly, it needs to be managed by a project manager. Characteristics include:

  • temporary
  • team is created
  • difficult
  • a degree of uncertainty.

What is a program?

A program is temporary and is created to deliver outcomes and benefits. Characteristics include:

  • temporary, will usually have a lifespan of several years
  • coordinates related projects and/or BAU activities to achieve strategic objectives
  • it integrates projects to deliver an outcome greater than the sum of its parts
  • the overhead of a program is appropriate (e.g. spending $100,000 on program management for a set of activities that cost $200,000 is counter-productive).

The definitions for a project and BAU are sourced from PRINCE2 Agile 2015, page 5. Definitions can also be found on the QGEA glossary.

Last Reviewed: 04 May 2022