Available Cyber Security Services

The Queensland government is comprised of departments and entities whose role it is to implement policies and deliver a portfolio of services to Queenslanders.

The Queensland Government Cyber Security Unit (CSU) works with departments and entities to increase visibility and understanding of their cyber security and information security risks. We work with organisations to make informed business risk decisions and lead initiatives to keep Queensland government secure.


Service Name

Capability DevelopmentAICD Cyber for Board Members
Certificate 4 in Cyber Security
IT Essentials Bridging Program (pilot in 2022)
CollaborationCommunities of Practice
Cyber ExercisesWoQG Cyber Exercises*
Email ProtectionsDMARC Analyser
Microsoft 365 Monitoring and Response Service (Sentinel)
Incident ManagementNational Cyber Incident Response*
WoQG Incident Management
ICT Security Alerts*
ISMS IS18Information security policy (IS18:2018)
Network ProtectionsProtective DNS
Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR)*
Phishing and User AwarenessPhishing Simulations and User Awareness Training
Risk ManagementAttack Surface Monitoring*
Vulnerability ManagementVulnerability Scanning
Vulnerability Health Check*
Application Scanning
Cyber Security Supply ArrangementsPlease sign in to the Cyber Security Unit website to access Supply Arrangements

* The web page for this service is under construction. Please contact your Cyber Security Unit representative at CyberSecurityUnit@qld.gov.au to discuss how we can assist you.

Last Reviewed: 01 June 2022