Protective DNS Service Description

Service Category - Network Protections

Availability - Now

The Protective DNS service enables organisations to proactively use threat Intelligence to detect and automatically block access to suspicious sources on the internet. The service utilises Response Policy Zone (RPZ) functionality to automatically provide blacklists to an agency’s DNS resolver to prevent access to suspicious sources on the internet.

Optionally, agencies can also choose to have their organisation’s DNS function managed by the Queensland Government Cyber Defence Centre (CDC) who can provide both DNS Hosting and DNS Resolution services.

The Protective DNS service is automatically enabled for agencies who utilise CITEC managed DNS servers.

Business Benefits
  • Utilising this service will assist organisations to detect and block lookups to known malicious IP addresses.
  • Provides rapid protection to emerging issues from multiple commercial, opensource and bespoke threat feeds.
  • Advanced proactive and retrospective monitoring, analysis and alerting provided by CDC’s cyber threat professionals.
  • Provides agencies an option for DNS Hosting and DNS Resolution to be managed by the CDC.
Technical Characteristics
  • Includes DNS resolution forwarders which incorporate reputational blacklists using RPZ functionality.
  • Online reporting available.
  • 24x7 monitoring and detection.
  • Dual-site redundancy, High Availability (HA) with fail-over to raw.
Government Benefits
  • Contributes to enhancing the situational awareness for whole-of-government.
  • Utilising this service will help to enable QG organisations to meet their obligations as specified under the Information security policy (IS18:2018) and improve cyber security maturity.
Eligibility and Funding

Entity Type



Queensland Government Agencies


No Cost

Statutory Bodies


No Cost

Local Government


No Cost

Government Owned Corporation (GOC)


No Cost

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Service Provisioning

Please visit the Protective DNS Service Implementation and Support resources to commence onboarding this service or contact your Qld Government Cyber Security Unit representative at for more information.

Partnership Arrangement

The Cyber Security Unit Partnership Arrangement details the collaborative approach between the CSU and the Client to promote the uptake of Cyber Security Services with the aim of increasing the protection of the Queensland Government information systems from cyber security threats.

Last Reviewed: 10 May 2022