ICT career streams diagram

(Note: these role profiles currently align to SFIA version 7)

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The ICT career streams diagram (PDF, 300.07 KB) provides:

  • an understanding of the breadth of an ICT career
  • assistance in attracting potential candidates to the profession
  • information for ICT professionals when planning career pathways and training requirements.

Feel free to click on the roles listed below to see the role profile.

ICT career streams diagram

Account manager Capacity Planner Customer services manager Customer relationship manager Database administrator Hardware engineer Help desk operator Incident manager Network analyst Network manager PC support officer Release manager Sales consultant Security specialist Systems administrator Telecommunications engineer Benefits analyst Benefits manager Business analyst Business process modeller Capability manager ICT change manager Program director Program office manager Project manager Project support officer Quality manager Sourcing specialist Testing manager ICT trainer Vendor relationship manager ICT manager Business continuity planner Business process modeller ICT policy officer ICT strategist Information management specialist Security architect Solutions architect Strategic business planner Technical architect Enterprise architect Animator Data modeller Games developer Graphics designer Multimedia designer Graphics designer Software designer Software developer Systems analyst Technical development manager Testing manager Web developer Chief information officer Chief technology officer Development manager Chief technology officer ICT manager Or click on each role below to see the profile

Last Reviewed: 12 January 2022