Digital and ICT strategic planning

Welcome to the Digital and ICT strategic planning framework

The digital transformation of services is a goal of many agencies, and in a world of limited resources, digital and ICT strategic planning can help agencies to understand and prioritise their technology needs to the business direction. This framework has been developed to complement the ICT Resources Strategic Planning Policy (IS2). It also introduces new planning techniques to define future digital and ICT business opportunities and strengthen the development of digital and ICT strategic plans, investment proposals and associated governance practices.

See the overview of the framework and the 2-page framework snapshot for information on the benefits and principles of strategic planning and applying and using the framework.

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This framework introduces tools, resources and planning concepts to enable experienced strategic planners to build on their existing knowledge. This framework is not a step by step ‘how to plan’ guide, and will not be suitable for people who are new to strategic planning.


Overview of the framework

2 page framework snapshot


Sponsorship, scope and stakeholders

Planning team and resources


Current state

Digital and technology trends

Horizon scan



Strategic objectives

Benefits, business changes and enablers



Risks and challenges

Target state architecture


Digital or ICT strategy or plan

Gap analysis



Initiative proposals


Management of the portfolio