Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)

What is SFIA?

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is a model for describing the skills and competencies required by professionals in roles involved in information and communication technologies (ICT), software engineering and digital transformation.  It can be used by individuals, managers, human resource professionals, capability development specialists and workforce planners.

SFIA is a global standard that defines digital and other ICT related skills. It provides a common reference point for you to manage your ICT workforce. It is a practical resource which:

  • provides a framework consisting of a standard of professional skills
  • describes the professional skills at various levels of competency
  • describes the levels of responsibility, in terms of generic attributes of autonomy, influence complexity, knowledge and business skills
  • is updated frequently to remain relevant and align with the needs of industry, business, and current thinking.

What can SFIA do for you?

  • SFIA can help you to organise and plan your digital workforce. For example; design a workforce talent strategy for your team helping you know what skills you have in house.
  • Acquire the right talent by providing detailed role specific skills and skill level needed to do a role, helping you to create more ICT target role profiles.
  • Assist to uncover skills gaps and subject matter experts in your team which can lead to the ability to deploy staff into areas of need for I.e. deploying staff to assist with community recovery.
  • Assists to assess and analyse your talent by providing a skills audit for both the individual and business unit which can assist you with planning for future workforce needs.
  • Help you to develop your workforce by defining career paths and assisting with learning and development strategies to support development to reach the path.
  • Guide you to reward staff by tracking their development so they can be offered secondments and acting up opportunities.

Reference: 63 things you can do with SFIA

Accessing SFIA

You can access the framework and additional tools at It is recommended you register as a user to ensure access to all information and resources. Once logged in, you can access documentation relating to the latest version SFIA version 7. This short video provides a good overview of the SFIA Framework.

Mapping SFIA skills to public service levels

The following model can be used as a guide on how to map the levels in SFIA to our public service levels.


PS award equivalent

Foundation level
SFIA 1: FollowAO3: L1
SFIA 2: AssistAO4/PO2/TO2: L2
Practitioner level
SFIA 3: ApplyAO5/PO3/TO3: L3 & L4
SFIA 4: EnableAO6/PO4/TO4: L4 & L5`
SFIA 5: Ensure, adviseAO7: L5
Higher level
SFIA 6: Initiate, influenceAO8: L5 & L6
SFIA 7: Set strategy, inspire, mobiliseSO2: L6 & L7 (majority L6)
 SO1: L7 & L6 (majority L7)
 SES: L7

Note: Classifications within the Public Service Award have an indicative level of competence as per SFIA. SFIA does not replace the JEMs process, it complements it.

Licencing agreement

The Queensland Government and all agencies are licenced to use the framework under a SFIA Extended Corporate User Licence which is paid annually. The licence requires all employees to comply with the terms of the limited user licence, including the terms and conditions.

Permitted Uses

Limitations on the use of SFIA also apply to significant extracts of SFIA and to derived frameworks and schemes with significant SFIA content.

Licence feature

Yes=permitted, no=not permitted

In-house staff managementYes
General commercial use to support external consulting activitiesNo
Use of a defined from of the SFIA trademark provided by the SFIA FoundationYes
Use in products or services specifically dependent on SFIA information
(only as information to help communicate the relevance of qualifications provided by the licensee).
Personal use for information or for personal development
(by own staff).
Creation and internal distribution of an in-house framework derived from SFIA within the extended user organisation.  In the case of Government, this includes distribution of the derived material to other Government Departments
(only as information to help communicate the relevance of qualifications provided by the licensee).
Distribution or publishing of SFIA or of any item containing a significant amount of SFIA information outside of the extended user organisationNo
Translation of SFIA into another language or dialectNo
Providing any SFIA training to clients
(this also prohibits the publication of SFIA in a context such as a website that allows SFIA to be browsed by partied not covered by the licence).
Publishing external mappings of SFIA to qualifications issued by the licenseeYes
Use of SFIA in a rate card for pricing IT human resources provided to other organisations outside the extended user organisation for hire or contractNo
Licensee must have Accredited Consultants on staff in each country of operationNo
Licensee listed on SFIA web site
(if desired).

Last Reviewed: 01 October 2020