Classification alignment model to SFIA

Agencies can map skills/capabilities to existing public service levels using the following model.


PS award equivalent

Foundation level
SFIA 1: FollowAO3: L1
SFIA 2: AssistAO4/PO2/TO2: L2
Practitioner level
SFIA 3: ApplyAO5/PO3/TO3: L3 & L4
SFIA 4: EnableAO6/PO4/TO4: L4 & L5`
SFIA 5: Ensure, adviseAO7: L5
Higher level
SFIA 6: Initiate, influenceAO8: L5 & L6
SFIA 7: Set strategy, inspire, mobiliseSO: L6 & L7
 SES: L7

ICT career streams

The ICT career streams include a variety of roles requiring different qualifications and experience. Higher levels of qualifications may be required to progress upwardly within a stream. Changing roles within an ICT career stream or across streams is part of normal career development.

Technology/application builders are responsible for all aspects of building ICT systems, applications and technologies.
Technology services covers all areas of the delivery of ICT services to users, from helpdesk to network management, systems administration to account management.
Enterprise implementation covers aspects of ICT that relate to changes to the management or operation of the enterprise.
Enterprise governance includes all aspects of policy and strategy including strategic information management and enterprise architecture.

Note: Classifications within the PS award have an indicative level of competence as per the SFIA. The SFIA does not replace the JEMs process, it complements it.

Last Reviewed: 18 August 2017