How are we working together?

Information Sharing Sponsoring Group

The Information Sharing Sponsoring Group has been established to provide authorisation and support for initiatives and improvements to information sharing across Queensland Government. It's authority to exist is provided by the Queensland Government Chief Information Officer and this existence has been endorsed by the Director-General ICT Council.

The role of the group is to:

  • Authorise and support the strategic direction for current and future activities and review and support recommendations to drive transformational change.
  • Maintain a cross sector view of information sharing activities (and associated issues/challenges) and progress a cohesive and collective cross-discipline approach to information sharing.
  • Lead, manage, contribute and support the Queensland Government Chief Information Officer (in the role of whole of government champion for information sharing) and agencies to proactively remove barriers to information sharing and drive the successful delivery of outcomes.
  • Provide a forum to collaborate, consider and leverage opportunities to assist agencies to deliver on their responsibilities, and
  • Prioritise and drive the implementation of recommendations from subordinate communities of practice and working groups

Further information on the Information Sharing Sponsoring Group can be found here. (Queensland Government Employees Only)

Information Sharing Community of Practice

Queensland Government has a number of Communities of Practice that provide a great space to collaborate with representatives from a range of agencies on a number of wide and varied topics relevant to Government.

QGCIO leads the Information Sharing Community of Practice which meets on a monthly basis. Membership is open to any member of Queensland Government who has an interest or active role in information sharing.

The objectives of the Information Sharing Community of Practice are:

  • promote the outcomes and achievements of agencies’ information sharing activities
  • guide the development and promotion of guidelines and standards
  • capture whole-of-government case studies through the information sharing pattern library
  • identify and solve information sharing issues
  • identify and promote opportunities to improve the maturity of information sharing practices in government
  • raise awareness of external factors and assess the impact on information sharing
  • act as a point of escalation for subordinate communities of practice requiring direction and support
  • act as a conduit to the Information Sharing Sponsoring Group and the Directors-General ICT Council.

If you'd like to be added to the Information Sharing Community of Practice meeting invite distribution list please contact the Information Strategy and Policy team at QGCIO on the details below:
07 3215 3942

For existing members, the Information Sharing collaborative space can be found here.

Other Communities of Practice that QGCIO chair can be found here (Queensland Government Employees Only).

Last Reviewed: 07 November 2017