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Cyber range training

Cyber range training for operational cyber security practitioners in Queensland Government

CSU has recognised that in order to appropriately identify and respond to emerging and evolving cyber threats, it is paramount that the skills and competency of cyber security practitioners in Queensland Government is upheld and/or improved.

One key capability required for Queensland Government to realise this uplift is the ability to simulate cyber security incidents. The quality of a response to a cyber incident depends on the ability of operational cyber security staff to detect an incident and implement the appropriate response procedures. As noted in a 2018 report published by the NSW Auditor-General [1], if these procedures are not tested, there is a risk that they may not work well during a real cyber incident. The ability to simulate cyber incidents allows for incident detection and response procedures to be rigorously tested before a threat materialises.

It can be difficult to simulate cyber incidents – organisations are often unwilling to expose their IT infrastructure to damage while defenders practise their craft. Fortunately, there exist training environments known as ‘cyber ranges’ which can be used to safely simulate cyber-attacks. A cyber range is a live but closed environment in which participants can operate IT environments and train their ability to detect and contain various types of cyber-attack. Organisational conditions and IT systems can also be replicated to provide a more realistic training experience without compromising real systems. Gartner predicts that “by 2022, 15% of large enterprises will be using cyber ranges to develop the skills of their security teams, up from less than 1% today.” [2]

To ensure that Queensland Government can respond appropriately to cyber incidents, CSU has contracted a third-party provider to facilitate cyber range training for operational cyber security staff. The training will take place from February to July 2020 and will be open to all cyber security staff within core agencies and departments.

If you are a Queensland Government cyber security professional who is interested in cyber range training, please visit the cyber range training registration page.

NB: the cyber range training registration page is hosted on a secure section of the QGEA website. To access it, you will need to use your Queensland Government email address to login or register for an account.

[1] “Detecting and responding to cyber security incidents”, Audit Office of NSW 2018

[2] “Boost Resilience and Deliver Digital Dexterity With Cyber Ranges”, Gartner 2018

Last Reviewed: 11 January 2021