Entities directed to comply with the Information security policy

To coincide with the release of Information security policy (IS18:2018), the Cyber Security Unit sent a letter in 2018 to each Queensland Government Director-General informing them of the revised IS18:2018 and the requirement to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27001.

Each Director-General was asked to provide a list of statutory organisations in their portfolio deemed subject to Information security policy (IS18:2018). This included entities who receive their ICT services and support directly from departments.  The Director-General's were encouraged to consider applicability of the policy to other statutory organisations within their portfolio.

Below is the list of entities provided at that time. If additional entities are nominated, they will be listed here.

If you believe your entity has been directed to comply with IS18:2018 and is not listed below, or this list requires updating, please contact the Cyber Security Unit for clarification.

Entities on the list below are encouraged to use the Information security annual return. It is not mandatory to provide the IS18 report to the Cyber Security Unit. You can find more information regarding IS18:2018 in the information security pages.

Entities who have been directed to comply with IS18:2018

Arts Queensland

Building Queensland

Brisbane Regional Disability Advisory Council

Central Queensland Regional Disability Advisory Council

Commissioner for Mine Safety and Health (group)

Corporate Administration Agency

Far North Queensland Regional Disability Advisory Council

Gasfields Commission Queensland

Gold Coast Waterways Authority

Insurance Commission (excluding National Injury Insurance Scheme)

North Coast Regional Disability Advisory Council

North Queensland Regional Disability Advisory Council

Office of the Director of Child Protection Litigation

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

Office of Industrial Relations

Office of the Legal Service Commission

Office of the Public Advocate

Office of the Public Guardian

Office of State Revenue

Queensland Carers Advisory Council

Queensland Disability Advisory Council

Queensland Government Statisticians Office

Queensland Law Reform Commission

Queensland National Disability Insurance Scheme Transition Advisory Group

Queensland Rail

Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority

Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council

Racing Queensland

Safe Food Production Queensland

Southbank Corporation

South East Regional Disability Advisory Council

South West Regional Disability Advisory Council

Wet Tropics Management Authority

Last Reviewed: 28 February 2020