What resources are available to secure my information?

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Community of Practice

The Cyber Security Unit hosts the following Community of Practice meetings each month:

  • ISMS Community of Practice
  • Phishing and Awareness Community of Practice
  • Vulnerability Management Community of Practice
  • Incident Management Community of Practice

To get involved, please contact cybersecurityunit@qgcio.qld.gov.au.

ISMS implementation training workshops

ISMS implementation training workshops were held in October and November 2017. The workshops were available to Queensland Government departments, and were funded by the QGCIO Cyber Security Unit to seed knowledge about ISMS’s.

Course material has been made freely available to Queensland Government to deliver future training:

Please consider how your agency can contribute by sharing your successes, case studies and security collateral through the discussion forum (Queensland Government employees only).

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Last Reviewed: 03 August 2017