Intellectual property

What is Crown intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) is a term covering the wide range of intangible property resulting from investment in the creative and intellectual effort of individuals and organisations. Businesses value certain IP assets in monetary terms, like the Qantas kangaroo trade mark. Governments aim to obtain a range of different outcomes from their IP assets, including operational and public benefits, and financial returns in certain limited circumstances, so governments also need to manage their IP assets effectively.

IP created by or for the Queensland Government is described as Crown intellectual property (Crown IP). There are many kinds of Crown IP assets, including material protected by copyright law, such as public sector information, literary and artistic works, software, film and sound recordings; and IP rights in inventions, plant breeder’s rights, circuit layouts, trade marks, and designs.

Crown IP assets are valuable and should be managed responsibly, like other government assets. These IP pages are designed to help public sector staff understand and manage Crown IP consistently across government. Good management of IP rights (IPRs) created through government investment has benefits for the government and all Queenslanders.

The Queensland Government’s IP info kit on the Business Queensland website outlines the Australian IP system, and describes ways to record and protect IP assets. The focus of the info kit is on helping Queensland businesses to protect and manage their unique images and products.

How is Crown IP administered?

The Minister for Communities and Housing, Minister for Digital Economy, and Minister for the Arts, is responsible for the administration of Crown IP across government. Crown IP staff in the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group (QGCDG), Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy (DCHDE), assist agencies to manage their IP consistently by:

  • promoting a consistent approach to Crown IP management based on the Queensland Public Sector Intellectual Property Principles (IP principles) and other IP guidance
  • coordinating audits of Crown IP management across government, and using the outcomes to improve the effectiveness and maturity of Crown IP management
  • assisting Queensland Government agencies to access IP training and resources, and understand their responsibilities regarding Crown IP
  • managing agreements with three copyright collecting societies on behalf of the Queensland Government
  • providing whole of government information through a Crown IP policy framework.

More information about Crown IP

Enquiries about the administration of Crown IP should be directed to Clare Hoey, Manager, Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group, DCHDE, by email to or to the general email address

Last Reviewed: 21 December 2020