Agencies' responsibilities for managing their IP assets

Agencies’ responsibilities

Queensland Government agencies have a broad range of responsibilities for managing intellectual property. This page describes some of them, and includes links to helpful resources.

Crown IP management for agencies

The IP principles explain that agency IP management responsibilities include:

  • developing and implementing an individual agency-level IP management policy that suits its core functions and objectives, reflects the IP Principles and provides for:
    • releasing suitably licensed Crown IP to the public where appropriate
    • identifying, protecting and managing Crown IP that may be suitable for commercialisation, or that requires different treatment
    • recording IP assets created (on an IP register).
  • ensuring staff are supported by appropriate guidance, training and resources.

Under the Financial and Performance Management Standard 2019, section 11 (1) (c) , agencies must have an assets management system (“assets” include IP assets such as copyright materials). Agency staff should be aware of the kind of IP assets developed, owned or used in their own division, and more generally, of applicable legislation, the IP Principles and other relevant policies. Legislation includes:

Queensland Government policies and guidance relevant to Crown IP management 

Innovation and IP management

A number of areas within an agency may be responsible for providing assistance to and/or managing innovative projects likely to create new technologies, products or processes, which may require IP protection or raise questions about IP ownership. Resulting IP assets, such as patentable inventions, new plant varieties, designs or trademarks, may be used across government, shared with the public, or commercialised if appropriate, to drive value and benefit the broader economy. Agency areas often involved in this process are Procurement, Legal Services, Information management, Open Data management, and IP management.

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Last Reviewed: 21 December 2020