When should government staff consider IP?

When should government staff consider IP?

All government staff should be aware of, and actively consider, IP assets created for or by their agency or used by their agency. IP management is relevant to all work areas. Therefore, Queensland Government staff should consider IP in everything they do.

The table below lists examples of some situations that require staff to consider, or seek help with, IP.

ActivityResponsible staffPlease note
Engaging contractors, consultants, vendors and other suppliers of systems, products or services, and including IP clauses in agreements with them.Procurement
Licensing copyright material for publication.Communications
General business

The Queensland Government encourages the dissemination and re-use of its published public information. Government copyright material published for public use is provided under a Creative Commons 4.0 international licence, with the copyright by attribution (CC BY) licence is used as the default licence, when appropriate. Licences in use on Crown copyright material include:

  • a Creative Commons 4.0 international licence, when appropriate
  • a restrictive licence (RL), or other customised agreement, used if IP protection is an issue and/or a copyright asset may be commercialised (Legal to advise).
Ensuring that the agency owns or is licensed to use copyright material on agency websites accessible to the public, and checking that, as far as practicable, copyright material owned by a third party is clearly labelled, and the agency has permission to use the third party material. Communications
General business
Ensuring that any copyright material on a public-facing website that should not be released under a Creative Commons licence is clearly identified and any necessary notices are included. Communications
General business

For example, identify:

  • the government coat of arms or government logos
  • trade mark protected material
  • IP (including copyright) owned by third parties
  • material available under other licences.
Using material created by a third party.Legal
General business
Creating copyright material, such as research, presentations or training programs. Policy
General business
Answering requests from third parties to use agency material. Data custodian
IP officer
Managing grants to develop products or processes involving the creation of IP.Legal
Funding programs

Last Reviewed: 08 September 2020