Welcome to the Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture!

The QGEA is a decision making and policy framework for enabling government and agencies to collaboratively provide seamless services, leverage existing investments and maximise future investments.

The QGEA contains tools and techniques to understand an organisation’s resources – its services, processes, information, applications and technologies – and a supporting policy framework which help achieve desired business outcomes, technical best practices and approaches that ensure services are interoperable across boundaries.

The policies and supporting publications within the QGEA are supported and endorsed by the Deputy Directors-General Digital and ICT Steering Committee for the purpose of facilitating digital enablement of social, economic and fiscal outcomes across Queensland.

It is the primary channel for the QGCDG to communicate digital and ICT direction including strategy, policy and guidance to Queensland Government agencies and to influence the State-wide digital agenda.

The QGEA applies a federated approach, and the QGCDG acknowledges the contributions from Queensland Government agencies in sharing their best practice materials which is what makes this such a rich source of knowledge for the entire sector.

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