Applicability of the QGEA

Does the QGEA apply to my government body?

Must apply the QGEA

There are three categories of government bodies that must apply the QGEA.

- Queensland Government departments

QGEA principles, strategies and policies apply to departments under the Public Service Act 2008 (Qld). Where other government bodies use a service, application or technology owned by a department, that body must also apply the relevant policies applicable for that asset. See QGEA and government bodies under the FPMS for examples.

- Directed government bodies (e.g. statutory bodies)

Unless explicitly stated in Broader applicability of specific QGEA policies, applicability of the QGEA principles, strategies, policies and information standards are at the discretion of your Director-General or Minister. To confirm QGEA applicability, you are asked to submit a formal enquiry to your Director-General or Minister. Should your Director-General or Minister determine that the QGEA applies to you, please contact the QGCDG including your Director-General or Minister's response to

- Broader applicability (specific policies)

See below

Must have regard to the QGEA

Some government bodies must have regard to the QGEA in certain areas.

- Accountable officers and statutory bodies under the FPMS

If you are a department or a directed government body, this section does not apply to you (see above).

Under the Financial and Performance Management Standard 2019 (FPMS), accountable officers and statutory bodies must have regard to the QGEA in relation to:

  • internal control structure (section s7(4))
  • financial information management systems (section 22(2)(c))
  • risk management (section 23(5)).

Where other government bodies use a service, application or technology owned by a department, that government body must also apply the relevant policies applicable for that asset. For examples and  further information including the meaning of ‘must have regard to’ and what aspects of the QGEA may be relevant in the above areas see QGEA and government bodies under the FPMS

For all cases where a QGEA publication does not apply to a Queensland Government body, the QGEA provides best practice guidance.

Broader applicability of specific QGEA policies

Specific QGEA documents can have extended applicability as these documents may inherit their mandate via legislative or regulatory instruments that apply more broadly within the Queensland Government.

QGEA policies


Websites policy (IS26)

This policy applies to all public-facing websites, and their associated content, established by Queensland Government agencies or that represent Queensland Government through the use of corporate branding, with the exception of websites in the domain. Websites within the domain must conform to departmental policy.

An exemption granted by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet from the Queensland Government Corporate Identity does not qualify as an exception from this policy. Queensland Government agencies must follow the QGEA exception process to be granted an exception from this policy.

Records governance policy

Applies to all public authorities as defined under the Public Records Act 2002 (Qld).

Domain names policy

It applies to the whole of government, including all Queensland Government departments and agencies. This policy must also operate under policies that apply to relevant higher level domains (i.e.,, etc).

Statutory authorities and local government entities are eligible to register a domain name if they desire but are not required to do so. If they do wish to register a government domain, they are required to adhere to this policy.

Internet protocol (IP) version 4 addressing policy

This policy applies to:

  • all Queensland Government departments
  • any Government Owned Corporation or Statutory Authority connecting into the whole-of-government network.
Information security policy (IS18:2018)Government bodies directed to comply with the Information security policy.
For directed government bodies, reporting requirements relating to Information security policy (IS18:2018) and the Information security incident reporting standard are as per the accountable officer's direction/mandate.

Applicability of the QGEA at a glance

The following diagram outlines the applicability of the QGEA at a glance. Further information is also available:

Last Reviewed: 23 September 2020