Workforce planning

The ICT Workforce Capability team help agencies build a sustainable and capable workforce to enable successful delivery of government services.

A range of strategies, initiatives and tools have been developed that assist ICT and human resources managers. There are also programs and products available that can help ICT professionals at all levels.

The lack of available, affordable, and appropriately skilled human resources is an ever increasing challenge for all agencies across the Queensland Government. Systematic ICT workforce capability planning to identify emerging issues and challenges in relation to ICT recruitment, development, advancement and succession of employees is critical.

In order to maximise its return on ICT investment, the government must improve and strengthen the capability of its ICT workforce. More effective ICT workforce capability planning, incorporated into mainstream planning, will ensure the government has the skilled people to deliver services into the future.

Workforce planning is having:

  • the right people
  • with the right skills
  • in the right place
  • at the right time
  • at the right cost.

Our office has developed a workforce planning methodology to enable you to identify key strategies that will help deliver business outcomes now and into the future. Managers are encouraged to use this methodology to make informed staffing decisions in line with an organisation's mission, strategic plan and budgetary resources.

There are also a variety of workforce planning resources on offer that will better enable you to build and develop a sustainable workforce.

Last Reviewed: 30 June 2017