ICT investment review

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The Queensland Government ICT Investment Management Review has been initiated to:

  • Streamline and integrate governance arrangements
  • Review and align ICT investments to support Government strategic direction
  • Ensure appropriate Governance and Assurance
  • Reduce the causes of project failure and deliver improved ICT outcomes through the application of independent gated reviews and segmented funding.

Good governance acknowledges that:

  • Directors-General are accountable for business delivery activities within thier agency
  • Agency Chief Information Officers are accountable for ICT enabled business change within their agencies (including the assessment of assurance levels and alignment to strategy)
  • Senior Responsible Officers (SRO’s) and Project Executives are accountable for ensuring that initiatives are adequately assured.

Within this context, the investment management review process aims to supplement existing governance arrangements with independent reviews at set points within the initiative lifecycle. This will ensure appropriate Assurance is being applied and strategic and policy alignment occurs. Additionally the process will support increased visibility of the initiative outcomes, input requirements and potential multi-agency synergies. Agencies will be required to perform an assessment of initiatives against a set of pre-defined criteria and the extent of the additional governance provided by the Investment Management Review will be determined based upon the identified levels of business criticality and risk.

Queensland Government employees requiring more information on the investment management review process should visit here.