ICT career streams

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SFIA v6 was released on 1 July 2015. Please note these resources are now aligned to SFIA v6.

The Queensland Government Chief Information Office's ICT career streams diagram (PDF) (291.16 KB) provides:

  • an understanding of the breadth of an ICT career
  • assistance in attracting potential candidates to the profession
  • information for ICT professionals when planning career pathways and training requirements.

Feel free to click on the roles listed below to see the role profile. Roles are listed alphabetically for each stream.

 ICT career streams

Click on each role to see the profile    -  [text version]



This diagram identifies entry points from high school, industry, TAFE and university. 

Higher levels of qualifications may be required to progress upwardly within a stream. Changing roles within an ICT career stream is part of normal career development.

The four different career streams are broken down as follows:

  • Technology/application builders are responsible for all aspects of building ICT systems, applications and technologies.
  • Technology services covers all areas of the delivery of ICT services to users, from helpdesk to network management, systems administration to account management.
  • Enterprise implementation covers aspects of ICT that relate to changes to the management or operation of the enterprise.  
  • Enterprise governance includes all aspects of policy and strategy including strategic information management and enterprise architecture. 


Last updated: 22 July 2016