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ICT Workforce Capability, Planning and Programs develop and manage a range of resources that help agencies to build ICT skills for their workforce. Information on the relevant Queensland Government frameworks, methodologies and tools is found in the tables below.

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ICT Capability Framework QGCIO This over-arching framework provides guidance to agencies on how available workforce planning tools fit together, and when to use the right tools to improve the planning, attraction, skilling and retention of the government ICT workforce.  All content

ICT career streams


This diagram shows the broad range of ICT roles available and can help new or current ICT professionals to plan career pathways and training requirements.

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ICT Workforce Planning Methodology


This provides managers with a framework for workforce planning to ensure we have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.

Workforce planning toolkit
ICT Skills Framework QGCIO  This framework provides a consistent approach and language for ICT skills management, capability and leadership and underpins skills development for a sustainable workforce.

Workforce planning methodology, ICT skills assessment methodology, ICT career streams, CLF

Capability Leadership Framework (CLF) Queensland Public Service Commission 

The CLF describes the behaviour expected of public service staff at every level from base grade to the Chief Executive Officer. It can also assist agencies to develop the capability and leadership of their employees.

ICT skills framework

ICT role profiles QGCIO 

These templates can be used when developing or reviewing position descriptions or skills assessments.

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ICT Skills Assessment Methodology QGCIO This methodology helps agencies to identify current and future workforce skills (skills gaps). Managers can then use this information to develop their workforce effectively. ICT skills framework


Document Owner Purpose Relates to
Workforce planning QGCIO Provides a breakdown of the individual components that make up the ICT Workforce Planning Methodology for user ease. ICT workforce planning methodology