Information licensing

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The Queensland Government is committed to giving the community greater access to information. Information licensing aligns with this commitment by promoting access and re-use of government information.

The Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) Information access and use policy (IS33) also promotes the proactive release of government information. In addition, IS33 requires Queensland Government departments to apply a consistent licensing framework to government information that is made available to the public and where copyright is owned by the State of Queensland.

The Queensland Government’s framework for licensing government information is the Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework (AusGOAL).

What is AusGOAL?

AusGOAL applies a single consistent information licensing framework with the main component being the use of the Creative Commons Australia licences. Use of AusGOAL:

  • encourages open access to public sector information
  • makes it easy for people who use government information to understand the rights of use associated with it
  • reduces the administrative burden in managing licensing of information through complex systems, by providing clear methodical processes and a simple licensing system.

What is the relationship between AusGOAL and the Government Information Licensing Framework (GILF)?

Previous QGEA documents referred to GILF which was launched in 2008 and was adopted nationally by the Cross-Jurisdictional Chief Information Officers Committee in late 2009. In July 2011 AusGOAL was launched. AusGOAL builds on the GILF and the name change reflects AusGOAL’s national focus and a greater emphasis on open access.

Following a review, the previous QGEA GILF policy and position has been repealed and IS33 has been updated to refer to AusGOAL.

 Support materials and tools for implementation of information licensing
Licensing government information using AusGOAL (Word, 869KB; PDF, 541KB)
Licence review checklist (Word, 375KB; PDF, 569KB) 
Licence types factsheet (Word, 347KB; PDF, 291KB)
Attribution presentation (PPT, 1.4MB)
CC BY licence essentials presentation (PPT, 880KB)
Copyright essentials presentation (PPT, 794KB)
Introductory presentation (PPT, 640KB)
Licence review checklist presentation (PPT, 914KB)
Permission to licence - Use of third party material presentation (PPT, 924KB)
Restrictive licence essentials presentation (PPT, 711KB)