QGEA classification frameworks

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Queensland Government uses the term 'Classification Framework' to describe the primary classification models of the Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) - essentially taxonomies of the business, information, applications and technology layers.

These classification frameworks perform a similar classification role to that provided by the chart of accounts in managing finances, the organisational chart in managing human resources, or QKey for managing records. This allows for consistent planning, reporting and use at either the local agency or whole-of-government levels.

The QGEA classification frameworks are available below in document form for download. Other formats may be available, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

Please note, the APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF) has been adopted by the QGCIO to replace the previous Business Process Classification Framework. Subscribe to APQC for the latest version.

Classification framework Document type
Business service Definition Diagram
Business process See Business Process Classification Framework
Information Definition Diagram
Information management Framework Diagram
Information security policy framework Framework N/A
Application Definition Diagram
Technology Definition Diagram


Last updated: 21 December 2015

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