Service design - SEAMLESS

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In 2009 the Queensland Government asked QGCIO to understand the service impacts of proposed Machinery of Government. It trialled for the first time a service naming convention to register services and measure service impact. In 2011, as Queensland faced the aftermath of both the South East Queensland Floods and Cyclone Yasi, the government was faced with a task of trying to understand how it could identify the services across its portfolio to support its constituents on the road to recovery. SEAMLESS as a methodology was created as a three year program across more than 20 agencies commenced to understand the complex service environment of the Queensland Government. These pages contain the foundations of the SEAMLESS methodology.

SEAMLESS can be used to:

  • identify and name services consistently across the portfolio
  • identify and improve gaps and duplication in service delivery across government agencies
  • develop a performance framework to ensure quality and outcomes were achieved when delivering services.

For an overview of SEAMLESS see our factsheet (PDF) (566.81 KB).

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