QGCIO glossary

The purpose of this glossary is to define terms used in our website and publications.



Acceptance criteria (Definition) Acceptance testing (Definition)
Access authorisation (Definition) Access restrictions and permissions (Definition)
Accessible records (Definition) Accountability (Definition)
Accountable (Definition) Accounting rate of return (Definition)
Accredited Training Organisation-ATO (Definition) Accuracy (Definition)
Achievability (Definition) Activity (Definition)
Actuals (Definition) Additionality (Definition)
Administration (Definition) Administrative arrangements (Definition)
Agency (Definition) Agency architecture alignment (Definition)
Agency coverage (Definition) Aggregated risk (Definition)
Analytical (Definition) Analytical content (Definition)
Annual estimated total cost of operation (AETCO) (Definition) Application Programming Interface (API) (Definition)
Application and Technology Visioning (Definition) Application Assessment (Definition)
Application classification framework (Definition) Application Domain (Definition)
Application Portfolio (Definition) Application Profile (Definition)
Application Profile template (Definition) Application Register (Definition)
Application threshold (Definition) Applications (Definition)
Appraisal (Definition) Archives (Definition)
Archiving (Definition) Artefact (Definition)
As-is state (Definition) Assessment (enterprise architecture context) (Definition)
Assessment Grid Model (Definition) Asset (Definition)
Asset Lifecycle (Definition) Asset Lifecycle Stages (Definition)
Asset Management Strategy (Definition) Assumption (Definition)
Assurance level (Definition) Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) (Definition)
At-risk ICT system (Definition) Attractiveness (Definition)
Attractiveness Grid (Definition) Audio-Visual Record (Definition)
Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) (Definition) Australian Computer Society (ACS) (Definition)
Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) (Definition) Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) (Definition)
Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) (Definition) Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) (Definition)
Australian Telecommunications Industry Association (ATIA) (Definition) Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) (Definition)
Authentic Records (Definition) Authentication (Definition)
Authored (Definition) Authored Content (Definition)
Authorised disposal (Definition) Authorised use (Definition)
Authority (Definition) Availability (Definition)


Backbone Cabling (Definition) Base Product Name (Definition)
Baseline (Definition) BAU (Business as Usual) (Definition)
Behavioural economics/finance (Definition) Benefit (Definition)
Benefit and Change Owner (Definition) Benefit Owner (Definition)
Benefit profile (Definition) Benefits Dependency Network (Definition)
Benefits Eligibility Rules (Definition) Benefits Management (Definition)
Benefits Management Approach (Definition) Benefits Management Cycle (Definition)
Benefits Management Framework (portfolio) (Definition) Benefits Management Strategy (Definition)
Benefits Map (Definition) Benefits Realisation Plan (Definition)
Benefits Specialist (Definition) Best and Final Offer (BFO) (Definition)
Biometrics (Definition) Blueprint (Definition)
Bottom-up Estimating (Definition) Brainstorming (Definition)
Building and Entry Controls (Definition) Building Distributor (BD) (Definition)
Business and Information Visioning (Definition) Business Case (Definition)
Business Case Management (Definition) Business Change (Definition)
Business Change Lifecycle (Definition) Business Change Manager (BCM) (Definition)
Business classification framework (Definition) Business classification scheme (Definition)
Business Context Diagram (Definition) Business Continuity (BC) (Definition)
Business Continuity Management (Definition) Business Continuity Plan (BCP) (Definition)
Business Direction (Definition) Business Domain (Definition)
Business Drivers (Definition) Business Exposure Grid (Definition)
Business Goals (Definition) Business Goals Support (Definition)
Business Impact (Definition) Business Imperatives (Definition)
Business Imperatives Support (Definition) Business layer (Definition)
Business Model (Definition) Business Objective Support (Definition)
Business Objectives (Definition) Business Process (Definition)
Business process classification framework (Definition) Business process domain (Definition)
Business Process Register (Definition) Business process-as-a-service (BPaaS) (Definition)
Business Profile (Definition) Business Profile Template (Definition)
Business Strategies (Definition) Business vision (Definition)
BYOD (Definition)  


Campus Cabling (Definition) Campus Distributor (CD) (Definition)
Canned responses (Definition) Capability (Definition)
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) (Definition) Capital expenditure (Capex) (Definition)
Capital Value (Definition) Capture (Definition)
Central Licence Register (CLR) (Definition) Certification Authority (CA) (Definition)
Champion-challenger Model (Definition) Change Authority (Definition)
Change Budget (Definition) Change Control (Definition)
Change Management (Definition) Change Owner (Definition)
Change Request (Definition) Channel (Definition)
Checkpoint (Definition) Checkpoint Report (Definition)
Chief Information Officer (CIO) (Definition) Chief Technology Officer (CTO) (Definition)
CITEC (Definition) Citizen (Definition)
Classification Scheme (Definition) Clear Line of Sight (Definition)
Click-to-Chat channel (Definition) Click-to-Chat (Definition)
Client (Definition) Closed record / file (Definition)
Cloud computing (Definition) Cloud computing (Definition)
Cloud-native technologies (Definition) Code Division Multiple Access (CODA) (Definition)
Coefficient of Variation (Definition) Commit (Definition)
Commodity (Definition) Communication Plan (Definition)
Community (Definition) Community cloud (Definition)
Community sourcing (Definition) Complete Record (Definition)
Compliance with Standards (Definition) Component matrix (Definition)
Concession (Definition) Condition (Definition)
Confidentiality (Definition) Confidentiality Agreement (Definition)
Configuration Management (Definition) Configuration Management Database (CMDB) (Definition)
Configuration Management Plan (Definition) Consolidation Point (Definition)
Constraint (Definition) Consumer (Definition)
Contingency (Definition) Contingency Budget (Definition)
Contingency Plan (Definition) Contingent Valuation (Definition)
Continuity Risk (Definition) Continuous delivery (CD) (Definition)
Continuous Deployment (Definition) Continuous Integration (CI) (Definition)
Control (Definition) Controlled Environment (Definition)
Cookies (Definition) Corporate Body (Definition)
Cost Assessment Tool (Definition) Cost of operation (Definition)
Cost of Operation less recovery (Definition) Cost of Provision (Definition)
Cost Recovery (Definition) Cost-benefit Analysis (Definition)
Cost-effectiveness Analysis (Definition) Credential (Definition)
Critical Information Assets (Definition) Critical Path (Definition)
Critical Path Analysis (CPA) (Definition) Cross-channel/omni-channel (Definition)
Cross-government (Definition) Crosswalk (Definition)
Cryptography (Definition) Currency (Definition)
Custody/Custodian (in the context of Recordkeeping) (Definition) Customer guidelines (Definition)
Customer (Definition) Customer centric (Definition)
Customer Insight (Definition) Customer Intimacy (Definition)
Customer journey (Definition) Customer journey map (Definition)
Customer service (Definition) Customer Service Agents (CSAs) (Definition)
Customer Support Officer (CSM) (Definition)  


Data (Definition) Data Centre (Definition)
Data Dictionary (Definition) Data interoperability (Definition)
Data management (Definition) Data Manager (Definition)
Data mining (Definition) Data profiling (Definition)
Data warehouse (Definition) Deadweight (Definition)
Decision-conferencing (Definition) Declassification of media (Definition)
Decline Stage (Definition) Decommission (Definition)
Deep Linking (Definition) Deliverable (Definition)
Delphi Technique (Definition) Dependency Network (Definition)
Depreciation costs and amortisation (Definition) Destruction (Definition)
Development Environment (Definition) Development/ Enhancement Costs (Definition)
DevSecOps (Definition) Digital (Definition)
Digital and ICT-enabled initiatives (Definition) Digital Certificate (Definition)
Digital continuity (Definition) Digital disruption (Definition)
Digital mindset (Definition) Digital preservation (Definition)
Digital Projects Dashboard (Definition) Digital services (Definition)
Digital Signature (Definition) Digital society (Definition)
Direct Connect Cabling (Definition) Dis-benefit (Definition)
Disaster (Definition) Disaster recovery (Definition)
Disaster recovery plan (Definition) Disaster recovery planning (Definition)
Disciplinary Action (Definition) Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) (Definition)
Discounting (Definition) Disposal (Definition)
Disposal Authority (Definition) Disruption (Definition)
Distraction (Definition) Document Management (Definition)
Document/s (Definition) Dog that didn't bark test (Definition)
Domain (Definition) Domain Analysis (Definition)
Domain Coverage (Definition) Domain Name (Definition)
Double Counting (Definition) Driver-based Analysis (Definition)
Drop (Definition) Duration (Definition)
Dynamic (Content) (Definition)  


e-Commerce (Definition) EA Classification Model (Definition)
EA Representations (Definition) Early Start (Definition)
Earned Value (Definition) Economic Benefits/Value (Definition)
Effort (Definition) Electronic / Digital Records (Definition)
Electronic document and records management system (eDRMS) / Records System (Definition) Electronic Government (e-Government) (Definition)
Electronic Procurement (Definition) Electronic records are records created, communicated and maintained by means of electronic equipment. Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) (Definition)
Elements (Definition) Emergent Benefits (Definition)
Employees (Definition) Enabler (Definition)
Enabling Changes (Definition) Encryption (Definition)
End Benefit (Definition) End Goal (Definition)
End of support (Definition) End of support technology (Definition)
End of use (Definition) End Project Report (Definition)
End Stage Assessment (Definition) End Stage Report (Definition)
End-User Licence Agreement (EULA) (Definition) Enhanced Service Delivery (Definition)
Enhancement (Definition) Enterprise Agreement (EA) (Definition)
Enterprise Architecture (EA) (Definition) Enterprise mobile application (Definition)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Definition) Entities (Definition)
Equipment Room (Definition) Essential Ancillary Services (Definition)
Estimate (Definition) Estimate to Completion (Definition)
Estimated replacement cost (Definition) Estimating Criteria (Definition)
Evaluation (Definition) Evergreen (Definition)
Evidence (Definition) Evidence of identity (Definition)
Exception (Definition) Exception Assessment (Definition)
Exception Plan (Definition) Exception Report (Definition)
Exchange (Definition) Exercise (Definition)
Expected Value (Definition) Exploratory scanning (Definition)
Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) (Definition) External Organization (Definition)
Extranet (Definition)  


Fibre to the node (FTTN) (Definition) Fibre to the premises (FTTP) (Definition)
File (Definition) Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009 (FPMS) (Definition)
Financial Benefit/Value (Definition) Firewall (Definition)
Fit for Current Purpose (Definition) Fleet (Definition)
Fleet Management (Definition) Fleet turnover (Definition)
Float (Definition) Floor Distributor (Definition)
Follow-on Action Recommendations (Definition) Formative Evaluation (Definition)
Forward Work Plan (Definition) Foundation data (Definition)
Frame (Definition) Freedom of Information (FOI) (Definition)
Freely Accessible (Definition) Frequency of use (Definition)
Full and Accurate Record (Definition) Full and accurate records (Definition)
Function (Definition) Functional Utility (Definition)
Future Business Value (Definition) Future CITEC Operating Model (FCOM) (Definition)
Future Risk Reduction (Definition)  


Gannt Chart (Definition) Gap analysis (Definition)
Gateway Review (Definition) Generally Available Publication (Definition)
Generic Asset Management Actions (Definition) Generic Risk (Definition)
Geographic Information System (GIS) (Definition) Glossary (Definition)
Governance (Definition) Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) (Definition)
Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) Alignment (Definition) Government Information (Definition)
Government Information Technology Conditions (GITC) (Definition) Government Open Licence Program (GOLP) (Definition)
Government provided information and communication technology (ICT) services, facilities and devices (Definition) Government Publication (Definition)
Government Technical Account Manager (GTAM) (Definition) GovNet (Definition)
Green ICT (Definition) Greenfield (Definition)


Higher Bandwidth Incentive Scheme (HiBIS) (Definition) Highlight Report (Definition)
Horizon scanning (Definition) Horizontal Cable (Definition)
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) (Definition) Hurdle Rate of Return (Definition)
Hybrid cloud (Definition) Hybrid mobile app (Definition)
Hybrid records (Definition) HyperText Mark-up Language (HTML) (Definition)


ICT (Definition) ICT Asset (Definition)
ICT Console (Definition) ICT Disaster Recovery (Definition)
ICT Industry Workgroup (ICTIW) (Definition) ICT Products and/or Services (Definition)
ICT resource (Definition) ICT risk (Definition)
ICT Support Staff - Contractors (Definition) ICT Support Staff - Queensland Government employees (Definition)
ICT system (Definition) ICT Utility Service (Definition)
ICT work plan (Definition) ICT-enabled (Definition)
Identity (Definition) Identity Directory and Email Services (IDES) (Definition)
Identity Document (Definition) Identity Registration (Definition)
Immediate recovery (Definition) Immutable infrastructure (Definition)
Impact (Definition) Implementation (Definition)
Improved Fiscal Outcomes (Definition) Incident (Definition)
Incident management (Definition) Incident management plan (Definition)
Incident record (Definition) Incident severity rating (Definition)
Incremental Delivery (Definition) Individual Concerned (Definition)
Information (Definition) Information access and use management (Definition)
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Resources (Definition) Information assessment (Definition)
Information Asset (Definition) Information Asset Custodian (Definition)
Information Asset Owner (delegated) (Definition) Information asset register (Definition)
Information Asset Security Domain (Definition) Information classification framework (Definition)
Information Content (Definition) Information Content Type (Definition)
Information Context (Definition) Information domain (Definition)
Information governance (Definition) Information Industries Bureau (IIB) (Definition)
Information Management (Definition) Information portfolio (Definition)
Information Profile (Definition) Information Profile Template (Definition)
Information security (Definition) Information Service (Definition)
Information Standards (Definition) Information Systems (Definition)
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) (Definition) Infrastructure (Definition)
Infrastructure as-a-Service (IaaS) (Definition) Infrastructure Services (Definition)
Initiative (Definition) Initiative Register (Definition)
Initiative Schedule (Definition) Initiative Schedule Template (Definition)
Inline Linking (Definition) Innovation (Definition)
Intangible Benefits (Definition) Integrated Client Management System (ICMS) (Definition)
Integrated Justice Information Strategy (IJIS) (Definition) Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) (Definition)
Integration (Definition) Integrity (Definition)
Intellectual property (Definition) Interface (Definition)
Intermediate or Enabling Benefits (Definition) Intermediate recovery (warm standby) (Definition)
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) (Definition) Internet (Definition)
Internet Browser (Definition) Internet Domain (Definition)
Internet facing system (Definition) Internet Service Provider (ISP) (Definition)
Intranet (Definition) Investment Objective (Definition)
Inviolate Records (Definition) IP (Internet Protocol) (Definition)
IQ (Information Queensland) (Definition) Issue (Definition)
Issue Log (Definition) Issue Resolution Approach (Definition)
Issues centred scanning (Definition) IT service continuity (Definition)
IT service continuity management (Definition) IT service management (Definition)


Key dependencies (Definition) Key information (Definition)
Key performance Indicator (KPI) (Definition) Knowledge (Definition)
Knowledge management (Definition)  


Late Start (Definition) Law Enforcement Agency (Definition)
Leadership (Definition) Legacy (Definition)
Legislation (Definition) Legislative and Political Support (Definition)
Legislative or Political Impact (Definition) Lessons Learned Report (Definition)
Leverage Stage (Definition) Licence (Definition)
Licensing (Definition) Licensing costs (Definition)
Licensing/Subscription Costs (Definition) Lilac review of Premier's ICT briefing notes (Lilac) (Definition)
Linear Distance Formula (Definition) Link (Definition)
Local Area Network (LAN) (Definition)  


Maintenance (Definition) Maintenance Costs (Definition)
Managed Operating Environment (MOE) (Definition) Management by Exception (Definition)
Managing Successful Programs (MSP) (Definition) Mandate (Definition)
Mandatory Principles (Definition) Manual workaround (Definition)
Manufacturers Accreditation (Definition) Market Price or Value (Definition)
Maturity Model (Definition) Maximum tolerable data loss (Definition)
Maximum tolerable period of disruption (Definition) Meaningful Records (Definition)
Measurable Benefit (Definition) Medium (Definition)
Meta-knowledge (Definition) Metadata (Definition)
Metadata Schema (Definition) Methodology (Definition)
Metric (Definition) Metro (Definition)
Microsoft Technical Training Agreement (MTTA) (Definition) Milestone (Definition)
Minimum business continuity objective (Definition) Mobile app (Definition)
Mobile-optimised website (Definition) Modifier (Definition)
Modular Initiative (Definition) Modular Socket Connector (Definition)
Moments (Definition) Monte Carlo Simulation (Definition)
Motivators (Definition) Multi-channel (Definition)
Multi-criteria Analysis (Definition) Multi-tenanting (Definition)
Multi-user Telecommunications Outlet (MUTO) (Definition) Multimedia (Definition)


National Security Information (Definition) Native mobile app (Definition)
Navigation Bars (Definition) Net Present Value (NPV) (Definition)
Network Diagram (Definition) Network monitoring system (Definition)
Network Services (Definition) Networks (Definition)
Non-Government Information (Definition) Non-metro (Definition)
Non-National Security Information (Definition) Number of data instances (Definition)
Number of instances (Definition) Number of users (Definition)


Object Identifiers (OIDs) (Definition) Objective (Definition)
Observable Benefit (Definition) Off-Specification (Definition)
Office Application Suite (Definition) Official use of social media (Definition)
Omni-channel (Definition) On-demand self-service (Definition)
One time password (Definition) One Version of the Truth (Definition)
Online (Definition) Online and Communications Council (OCC) (Definition)
Open data (Definition) Open Source Software (OSS) (Definition)
Operating system (OS) (Definition) Operational costs - External (Definition)
Operational costs - Internal (Definition) Operational Environment (Definition)
Operational Excellence (Definition) Operational expenditure (Opex) (Definition)
Operational Impact (Definition) Operational Performance Grid (Definition)
Operational plan (Definition) Opportunity Cost (Definition)
Opportunity Value Benefits (Definition) Optical fibre (O/F) (Definition)
Optimise (Definition) Optimise Stage (Definition)
Optimism Bias (Definition) Organisational Innovation and Growth (Definition)
Other Costs (Definition) Outcome (Definition)
Outputs (Definition) Outsourcing (Definition)
Owner (in the context of Information Assets) (Definition)  


Parametric Estimating (Definition) Pareto Rule (Definition)
Password (Definition) Payback (Definition)
PDF (Definition) Penetration test (Definition)
Percentage of periodic fleet turnover (Definition) Performance (Asset management) (Definition)
Performance management (Definition) Permanent records (Definition)
Personal information for the purposes of all Information Privacy Principles (IPP) other than IPP 6&7 (Definition) Personal information for the purposes of IPP 6&7 (Definition)
Personal use of social media (Definition) PERT Diagram (Definition)
PESTEL analysis (Definition) Physical Security (Definition)
Planning (Definition) Platform (Definition)
Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) (Definition) PMBOK (Definition)
Policy (Definition) Pornography (Definition)
Portability (Definition) Porter’s Five Forces Model (Definition)
Portfolio (Definition) Portfolio Delivery Committee (Definition)
Portfolio Investment Committee (Definition) Portfolio Management (Definition)
Post Project Review (Definition) Post-implementation Review (Definition)
Post-investment Review (Definition) PPM (Definition)
PPP (3P) (Definition) Predecessor Task (Definition)
Premier Support Service (PSS) (Definition) Preservation and conservation (Definition)
PRINCE2 (Project in Controlled Environments) (Definition) Priority Grid (Definition)
Private cloud (Definition) Probability (Definition)
Process (Definition) Producer (Definition)
Product (in the context of change portfolio) (Definition) Product (in the context of information management maturity) (Definition)
Product Breakdown Structure (Definition) Product Checklist (Definition)
Product Description (Definition) Product Flow Diagram (Definition)
Product Leadership (Definition) Professional use of social media (Definition)
Profile (Definition) Program (Definition)
Program Assurance (Definition) Program blueprint
Program Board (Definition) Program Brief (Definition)
Program Business Case (Definition) Program Definition (Definition)
Program Interface (Definition) Program Management (Definition)
Program Manager (Definition) Program Office (Definition)
Program Organisation (Definition) Program Plan (Definition)
Project (Definition) Project Assurance (Definition)
Project Board (Definition) Project Brief (Definition)
Project Business Case (Definition) Project Closure Notification (Definition)
Project dossier Project Initiation Document (PID) (Definition)
Project Issue (Definition) Project List (Definition)
Project Management (Definition) Project Management Team (Definition)
Project Manager (Definition) Project Mandate (Definition)
Project Office (Definition) Project Plan (Definition)
Project Quality Plan (Definition) Project Records (Definition)
Project Start-Up Notification (Definition) Protection (Definition)
Prove (Definition) Public authority (Definition)
Public cloud (Definition) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) (Definition)
Public Records (Definition) Published (Definition)
Published Content (Definition)  


QGEA Definition Paper (Definition) QGEA Discussion Paper (Definition)
QGEA Domain Specification (Definition) QGEA Guidelines (Definition)
QGEA Implementation Strategies (Definition) QGEA Policies (Definition)
QGEA Position Papers (Definition) QGEA Standards (Definition)
QGEA Strategic Direction (Definition) QGEA White Paper (Definition)
Qualitative Benefits (Definition) Quality (Definition)
Quality Assurance (QA) (Definition) Quality Control (QC) (Definition)
Quality Log (Definition) Quality Management Approach (Definition)
Quality Management System (Definition) Quality of service (QoS) (Definition)
Quality Review (Definition) Quantifiable Benefit (Definition)
Quantitative Benefits (Definition) Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) (Definition)
Queensland Information Technology Contracting (QITC) (Definition)  


RACI (Definition) Random Access Memory (RAM) (Definition)
Real Option (Definition) Real Price (Definition)
Reasonable Access (Definition) Reclassification of media (Definition)
Record(s) (Definition) Recordkeeping (Definition)
Recordkeeping Metadata (Definition) Recordkeeping Systems (Definition)
Records Continuum (Definition) Records Management (Definition)
Records Retention (Definition) Records System (Definition)
Recover time objective (Definition) Recovery point objective (Definition)
Reference Class Forecasting (Definition) Referencer (Definition)
Registration (Definition) Reliable Records (Definition)
Replace (Definition) Request for Change (Definition)
Request for Comment (RFC) (Definition) Request For Information (RFI) (Definition)
Request for Offer (RFO) (Definition) Requirement (Definition)
Requirements (Definition) Research/Explore (Definition)
Residual Risk (Definition) Resilience (Definition)
Resilience (ICT) (Definition) Resource Dependency (Definition)
Resource Levelling (Definition) Resource Management Approach (Definition)
Resource(s) (Definition) Resources Description Framework (RDF) (Definition)
Responsibility (Definition) Responsible (Definition)
Restore (Definition) Retention period (Definition)
Retire Stage (Definition) Revealed Preference (Definition)
Reviewer (Definition) Rich picture (Definition)
Risk (Definition) Risk Analysis (Definition)
Risk Assessment (Definition) Risk Avoidance (Definition)
Risk Budget (Definition) Risk Control (Definition)
Risk Exposure (Definition) Risk Identification (Definition)
Risk Level (Definition) Risk Log (Definition)
Risk Management (Definition) Risk Management Approach (Definition)
Risk Retention (Definition) Risk Tolerance Line (Definition)
Risk Transfer (Definition) Risk Treatment (Definition)
Role (Definition) Role (in the context of Information Assets) (Definition)


Scalability (Definition) Scaled cost (Definition)
Schedule (Definition) Schema (Definition)
Scope (Definition) Scope Creep (Definition)
Scope of Use (Definition) Scope of Use (External) (Definition)
Scope of Use (Internal) (Definition) Search engine optimisation (SOE) (Definition)
Security Classified Information (Definition) Security Classified Information Register (Definition)
Security Controls (Definition) Security Incidents (Definition)
Self service (Definition) Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) (Definition)
Senior Supplier (Definition) Senior User (Definition)
Sensitive Information (Definition) Sensitivity Analysis (Definition)
Service assessment (Definition) Service blueprint (Definition)
Service catalogue (Definition) Service classification framework (Definition)
Service Desk (Definition) Service Desk System (Definition)
Service domain (Definition) Service Level Agreement (SLA) (Definition)
Service Level Management (SLM) (Definition) Service Management (Definition)
Service mesh (Definition) Service register (Definition)
Services (Definition) Shared Service Initiative (SSI) (Definition)
Shared Service Solutions (SSS) (Definition) Sideloading (Definition)
Significant applications (Definition) Site Map (Definition)
Smart Cards (Definition) Smart Service Queensland (SSQ) (Definition)
SME (Small to Medium-sized Enterprise) (Definition) SMS (Short Message Service) (Definition)
SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) (Definition) Social media (Definition)
Social media audit (Definition) Social media listening (Definition)
Soft Token (Definition) Software as a service (Definition)
Software Asset Management (SAM) (Definition) Software Asset Register (SAR) (Definition)
Software Licence Management (SLM) (Definition) Solicit (Definition)
Solution Architecture (Definition) Solution Architecture Component Diagram (Definition)
Solution Dependency Charts (Definition) Solution Dependency Matrix (Definition)
Solution Element Working List (Definition) Solution Inventory (Definition)
Source Name (Definition) Sourced (Definition)
Spam (Definition) Specification (Definition)
Splash Page (Definition) Sponsor/Sponsorship (Definition)
Sponsoring Group (Definition) Stage (Definition)
Stage/Phase Gate Review (Definition) Stakeholder (Definition)
Stakeholder grid (Definition) Stakeholder Management Approach / Strategy (Definition)
Stakeholder Map (Definition) Stakeholder register (Definition)
Standard (Definition) Standard Deviation (Definition)
Standard Operating Environment (SOE) (Definition) Start Gate (Definition)
Statement of work (Definition) Strategic (Definition)
Strategic Alignment Chart (Definition) Strategic Misrepresentation (Definition)
Strategic plan (Definition) Strategic risk (Definition)
Strategy (Definition) Streaming (Definition)
Structure (Definition) Structured Content (Definition)
Subject Matter Expert (SME) (Definition) Subscription-based pricing model (Definition)
Successor (Definition) Supplier (Definition)
Supplier (in the context of Information Assets) (Definition) Support Arrangements (Definition)
Support Staff - Contractors (refer also to ICT Support Staff) (Definition) Support Staff - Queensland Government (refer also to ICT Support Staff) (Definition)
Switching Point or Value (Definition) SWOT analysis (Definition)
System Management (Definition)  


Tangible Benefit (Definition) Target state architecture (Definition)
Task (Definition) Task Dependency (Definition)
Taxonomy (Definition) Technical Account Manager (TAM) (Definition)
Technical Condition (Definition) Technology (Definition)
Technology Assessment (Definition) Technology classification framework (Definition)
Technology domain (Definition) Technology portfolio (Definition)
Technology register (Definition) Technology threshold (Definition)
Technology Transformation Program (TTP) (Definition) Telco (Definition)
Telecommunications Closet (Definition) Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) (Definition)
Telecommunications Outlet (Definition) Telstra Country Wide (TCW) (Definition)
Temporary records (Definition) Test (Definition)
Test/Exercise Plan (Definition) Thesaurus (Definition)
Third Party (Definition) To-be State (Definition)
Token (Definition) Tolerance (Definition)
Top-down Estimating (Definition) Topic Map (Definition)
Tracey-Wiersema Value-Discipline Model (in the context of the ICT Planning Methodology) (Definition) Tranche (Definition)
Transaction (Definition) Transactional Content (Definition)
Transfer (Definition) Transition Point (Definition)
Triage (Definition)  


U-Government (Definition) Unauthorised use (Definition)
Uniform Resource Locator (Definition) Universal Service Obligation (USO)
Universal Service Provider (USP) (Definition) Unstructured content (Definition)
Useability (Definition) Useable records (Definition)
Useful records (Definition) User interface (Definition)
User(s) (Definition)  


Value for Money (VfM) (Definition) Value Management (Definition)
Value Management Office (Definition) Variance (Definition)
Vendor support (Definition) Virtual Private Network (VPN) (Definition)
Virus and Malicious Code (Definition) Vision (Definition)
Vision Statement (Definition) Visioning Workbook (Definition)
Voice-over IP (VoIP) (Definition) Vulnerability (Definition)


W3C (Definition) Web 2.0 (Definition)
Web app (Definition) Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA) (Definition)
Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) (Definition) Wide Area Network (WAN) (Definition)
Widget (Definition) Willingness to Accept (Definition)
Willingness to Pay (Definition) Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (Definition)
Work Package (Definition) Work Package Authorisation (Definition)
Workaround (Definition) World Wide Web (www) (Definition)


X.500 (Definition)  


Zero Float (Definition)  

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