Full and Accurate Record (Definition)

An full and accurate record are records where the content, context and structure of a record can be trusted as a true and accurate representation of the transactions, activities or facts that they document and can be depended upon in the course of subsequent use.
The record must also be:
* created
* captured
* adequate for the purposes for which they are kept
* complete - contain not only the content, but also the structural and contextual information necessary to document the transaction
* meaningful - can be understood because they contain information and/or linkages that ensure the context in which the records were created and used is apparent
* authentic - proven and trusted to be as they are purported to be and to have been created, used, transmitted or held by an agency or person to whom these actions have been attributed
* inviolate - securely maintained to prevent unauthorised access, alteration or removal
* accessible - can be identified, located and viewed as required
* usable - can be located, retrieved, presented and interpreted
* retained
* preserved

Last Reviewed: 19 January 2018



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