Government provided information and communication technology (ICT) services, facilities and devices (Definition)

Government provided ICT services facilities and devices can be those that are owned/operated in-house, or as-a-service. The range of ICT services, facilities and devices include (but are not limited to) personal identifiers (e.g. work email address, payroll or telephone number) desktop, laptop and tablet computers, desktop, mobile and smart phones; removable media; radios or other high frequency communication devices; television sets; monitors, kiosks and consoles, sensors, digital or analogue recorders (including DVD and video); and cameras; photocopiers; facsimile machines; printers (and other imaging equipment); electronic networks including the internet and wireless networks; and applications and software provided by a device or an Internet site including social media, email, identity and web services.

Last Reviewed: 18 January 2018