ICT Utility Service (Definition)

Essential ancillary services are a specific instance of an ICT utility Service. In general, an ICT Utility Service is defined as follows. An ICT utility service is an ICT service that can be "commoditised". Some of the essential characteristics of an ICT utility service are: It is a pure operating expense - with a charging regime that includes a mixture of a fixed subscription costs and costs for unit usage. Delivery of service is performed in a standardised way in order to achieve economies of scale. It is often available from multiple suppliers in a competitive manner. It allows rapid response to changing client demand. The interface to the ICT utility service is well defined, well understood and has predictable behaviour. The customer no longer needs to be concerned with the technical details of building and operating the ICT utility service, and is concerned only with what is provided delivered as a service.

Last Reviewed: 17 January 2018



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