Information Service (Definition)

Represents an endpoint that provides a defined interface for access to information assets in a particular business context. Implementation details of an information service should be transparent to the consumer. That is, it should not be necessary to understand the process of retrieval in order to locate, request and use the information asset(s) returned by the service. In addition the implementation of the service does not have to be automated - it could consist of purely human to human activity via a variety of channels.bThe interface of an information service represents the terms of a contract between the supplier of the service and its consumers. As such it describes the structure of the payload and any other conditions relating to the request for the information asset and/or the response. Such contacts may be in the form of a memorandum of understanding or legal agreement or for electronic information services in the form of Web Service Description Language (WSDL). Examples included: A web service to retrieve an address, Library assistance available via e-mail, Health information available from the SSQ call centre, A form available from a static web site and URL for the download of a particular cadastral data set.

Last Reviewed: 16 January 2018



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