Metadata (Definition)

Data about a particular information asset. Specifically the contextual information about an information asset upon which the asset was established and will be managed on an ongoing basis. Metadata may include information about ownership, the applicable constraints, performance measures that will be or are being applied to the information asset. As contextual information metadata assists in ensuring the authenticity, reliability, usability, integrity and accessibility of digital records over time. Examples included: The AGLS record associated with a particular document, including the particular QKey (Keyword AAA) terms assigned to the document. The use of the term metadata within the information architecture is purposefully very specific and encompasses only contextual metadata given the level of abstraction for this model. More broad definitions of metadata include three key concepts. Namely the contextual metadata, plus the metadata schemes (such as classifying values used) and the metadata schema – all of which are present within the abstract model in their component parts.

Last Reviewed: 12 January 2018