Motivators (Definition)

One of the three archetypes of the Queensland Government Information Portfolio Framework, describing those Information Assets which are related to motivation or reasoning (i.e., they contain information not in the form of an observation and measurement of a real world state, but information in the form of potential, imagined or desired states). These types of information assets include information generated through the application of knowledge (experience), imagination and intellectual ideas (concepts). For example, Risk Management information is concerned with potential hazards, their likelihood and consequences. These may not be actual real world instances as they may never actually occur. Hence they are merely “imagined” or “scenario based” instances that may come to exist in certain circumstances based on experience of the people involved. However, this does not make its classification any less critical. The framework therefore contains a number of domains which relate to Motivators. Specifically: Controls; Responsibilities; Plans

Last Reviewed: 12 January 2018