• Digital signatures guideline

    Digital signatures guideline

    This guideline provides guidance on the use of e-signatures for government purposes. This guidance highlights compliance issues with relevant standards for Commonwealth and State laws.

    Last reviewed on 06 Sep 2017

  • Hardware currency guideline

    Hardware currency guideline

    The Hardware currency guideline support agencies to implement the ICT hardware currency policy which requires agencies to retire or update ICT hardware with a medium or high business impact before it reaches end-of-service-life (EOSL) support unless

    Last reviewed on 16 Apr 2019

  • Hardware currency policy

    Hardware currency policy

    Queensland Government departments define and implement suitable strategies for managing the life cycle of ICT hardware assets.

    Last reviewed on 04 Apr 2016

  • ICT profiling assessment tool

    ICT profiling assessment tool

    This is an example of an ICT profiling assessment tool.

    Last reviewed on 06 Nov 2018

  • ICT resources strategic planning policy (IS2)

    ICT resources strategic planning policy (IS2)

    Ensuring ICT resources strategic planning is supported by a structured and consistent approach for managing current ICT assets and planning for current and future investments.

    Last reviewed on 06 Jun 2017

  • Information governance policy

    Information governance policy

    Information is a core strategic asset to govern and manage accordingly throughout its lifecycle.

    Last reviewed on 02 Jun 2017

  • Open source software position

    Open source software position

    This position sets targets and reporting requirements in relation to the Open source software policy.

    Last reviewed on 31 Oct 2010

  • Software currency policy

    Software currency policy

    This policy states the Queensland Government’s direction in regards to maintaining an up-to-date software portfolio and consequently reduce the cost and risk inherent in managing unsupported software products.

    Last reviewed on 01 May 2016


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