• Collaborative workspace policy

    Collaborative workspace policy

    This policy will assist departments in managing the balance between shared and siloed infrastructure and lower the cost of Machinery of Government changes

    Last reviewed on 28 May 2018

  • Customer details management policy

    Customer details management policy

    Without requiring the capture or storage of specific data attributes, this policy sets a benchmark for agencies wishing to exchange the customer data they currently manage.

    Last reviewed on 26 Nov 2015

  • Customer payments to government strategy

    Customer payments to government strategy

    This document sets the strategy around customer payments to Queensland Government. It discusses the drivers, determines the gaps by exploring the future state and analysing the current state. A set of guiding principles have been stated which

    Last reviewed on 06 Sep 2017

  • Domain names policy (IS39)

    Domain names policy (IS39)

    This policy outlines the requirements for Queensland Government departments in the registration and management of domain names for agency internet resources

    Last reviewed on 20 Jan 2017

  • eDRMS fact sheet

    eDRMS fact sheet

    The purpose of this factsheet is to communicate information about the existing procurement arrangement - QGCPO808 - Standing Offer Arrangement for the Provision of eDRMS, the mandate for which resides outside of the Queensland Government Enterprise

    Last reviewed on 06 Sep 2017

  • Federated identity policy

    Federated identity policy

    The ability to readily convey trusted identity information across this ecosystem is key to supporting a digital government and seamless service delivery within Queensland Government, other jurisdictions, service delivery partners and with

    Last reviewed on 04 Jun 2018

  • Hardware currency guideline

    Hardware currency guideline

    The Hardware currency guideline support agencies to implement the ICT hardware currency policy which requires agencies to retire or update ICT hardware with a medium or high business impact before it reaches end-of-service-life (EOSL) support unless

    Last reviewed on 16 Apr 2019

  • Hardware currency policy

    Hardware currency policy

    Queensland Government departments define and implement suitable strategies for managing the life cycle of ICT hardware assets.

    Last reviewed on 04 Apr 2016

  • ICT cabling infrastructure policy

    ICT cabling infrastructure policy

    Implementing and managing ICT cabling infrastructure in a consistent manner, ensuring that cabling infrastructure meets the Australian Communications and Media Authority mandatory requirements for cabling work.

    Last reviewed on 06 Feb 2018

  • ICT resources strategic planning policy (IS2)

    ICT resources strategic planning policy (IS2)

    Ensuring ICT resources strategic planning is supported by a structured and consistent approach for managing current ICT assets and planning for current and future investments.

    Last reviewed on 06 Jun 2017



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