• Data encryption standard

    Data encryption standard

    The Data encryption standard outlines the minimum requirements for encryption and management of encrypted, Queensland Government owned data (in use, in transit, and at rest).

    Last reviewed on 11 Jun 2019

  • Federated identity blueprint

    Federated identity blueprint

    The purpose of this document is to outline a blueprint for a modern federated identity architecture and ecosystem to support digital government.

    Last reviewed on 24 Aug 2017

  • Hardware currency guideline

    Hardware currency guideline

    The Hardware currency guideline support agencies to implement the ICT hardware currency policy which requires agencies to retire or update ICT hardware with a medium or high business impact before it reaches end-of-service-life (EOSL) support unless

    Last reviewed on 16 Apr 2019

  • Hardware currency policy

    Hardware currency policy

    Queensland Government departments define and implement suitable strategies for managing the life cycle of ICT hardware assets.

    Last reviewed on 04 Apr 2016

  • ICT resources strategic planning policy (IS2)

    ICT resources strategic planning policy (IS2)

    Ensuring ICT resources strategic planning is supported by a structured and consistent approach for managing current ICT assets and planning for current and future investments.

    Last reviewed on 06 Jun 2017

  • ICT SME participation scheme policy

    ICT SME participation scheme policy

    By adopting a consistent procurement process ensures effective engagement with the ICT industry and specifically with small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

    Last reviewed on 20 Sep 2018

  • ICT-as-a-service decision framework overview

    ICT-as-a-service decision framework overview

    The ICT-as-a-service Decision framework supports agencies in making well informed and evidence-based decisions to either strategically transition their ICT workload system/application/data) into an as-a-service delivery model, or to deliver via

    Last reviewed on 24 Aug 2017

  • Incident management guideline

    Incident management guideline

    This guideline has been developed to help agencies to meet their information security event and incident management requirements

    Last reviewed on 04 Sep 2018

  • Managing information in the Cloud

    Managing information in the Cloud

    Provides guidance to Queensland Government agencies who currently store their information in the cloud, use cloud service providers to collect information or are considering doing so.

    Last reviewed on 19 Nov 2018

  • Print services guideline

    Print services guideline

    This guideline provides information and advice for Queensland Government departments to consider when implementing the policy requirements of the Print services policy.

    Last reviewed on 24 Apr 2019

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