• Software asset management guideline

    Software asset management guideline

    This guideline specifies a consistent approach for the management of third party software licences and associated media purchased by Queensland Government agencies.

    Last reviewed on 04 Jun 2018

  • Software asset management policy

    Software asset management policy

    This policy states the Queensland Government’s direction in regards to Software Asset Management (SAM) of all third-party software licences and associated electronic media purchased by agencies.

    Last reviewed on 16 Mar 2010

  • Software asset management position

    Software asset management position

    This position sets targets and reporting requirements in relation to the Software asset management policy.

    Last reviewed on 16 Mar 2010

  • Software licence management maturity model

    Software licence management maturity model

    The document has been designed as a tool to support Queensland Government agencies in implementing and maintaining a best practice and industry standard software licence management (SLM) framework.

    Last reviewed on 09 Oct 2017


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