Analytics and insights

The Strategic profiling and analytics team works with agencies and multi-agency projects and programs to:

  • support evidence-based decision making by agencies and cross-government ICT governance bodies e.g. Directors-General Council
  • improve transparency and maintain a high level strategic picture of Queensland Government ICT investments
  • support trend-based analysis
  • power the ICT Console and Digital Projects Dashboard, which provide a range of visualisations and analytics capability to internal-to-government and public audiences, respectively.

ICT profiling consists of a rolling program of data collection, leveraging and analysis. Much of the profiling data is collected annually, while data supporting topical focus areas is collected on a more frequent basis.

Operational information for Queensland Government employees is available on the following pages: Digital Projects Dashboard, ICT Console, ICT profiling standard, and ICT profiling templates.

For further assistance, please contact the QGCDG by emailing

Last Reviewed: 03 November 2020